Salesforce Interview Questions Related to Lightning Framework

Salesforce Interview Questions Related to Lightning Framework

Lightning or Salesforce Lightning, as it is referred to, is a component-based framework, which is used for app development from The basic aim of this is to simplify processes for business users, who generally have no programming experience. Lightning includes exciting tools for developers, which makes it easy to build responsive applications. This modern user interface thus helps the sales reps to be more proactive and efficient.  

To be a part of Salesforce developers, a person needs to face an interview. Here are a few questions that can be asked during the interview. These Salesforce lightning interview questions should be prepared well as they will help you to clear the interview smoothly.

  • Is Lightning an MVC framework?

Lightning is not an MVC framework but a component-based framework.

  • What Are Lightning Extensions?

This functionality, which is currently in the Pilot phase, is a mechanism for using custom-built components. They are designed to replace the existing components that are used in the Salesforce1 Mobile App.

  • What Tools Are Included in Lightning?

These include:

  • Lightning Component Framework comprises of components and extensions that allow one to build reusable components and standalone apps and customize the Salesforce1 Mobile App.
  • Lightning App Builder is a new User Interface tool. It helps in building the apps at a lightning fast speed by using the components that are provided by the Salesforce and platform developers.
  • Lightning Connect is an integration tool. It is utilised by app in integrating the data from any external source that meets the OData spec.
  • Lightning Process Builder is a tool that is utilised for visualizing and creating automated business processes.
  • Lightning Schema Builder is again a useful UI tool that is used for viewing and creating fields, objects and relationships.
  • Can we have a Lightning Component that can be used in both mobile and desktop user interfaces?

Currently, we can use it only in Salesforce1 Mobile App, standalone apps or template-based communities. It can also be included in the Visualforce page.

  • What Is Aura?

Aura is an open source technology to power Lightning Components. It contains all basic building blocks that are required for defining the components and applications.

  • Is It a Prerequisite to Have Namespace to Create Lightning components?

Earlier it was a mandatory requirement, but now that dependency is removed. Till the time default namespace has to be used, the lightening components could only be created in the development organization though they could be deployed on any salesforce where Apex was enabled.

  • Distinguish Parts of Lightning Components That Are Server-Side and Client-Side?

The Lightning Components that use JavaScript are on the client side. Those on the Apex are on the server side.

  • Can We Include One Component to Another?

Yes, that can be done.

  • How Many Components Can One Have in One Application?

There is no limit to the number of components that one can have in one application.

These are few of the questions that one must be aware of when going for salesforce lightning interview.

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