DIY Children’s Playhouse Makeover

This week while browsing my local resale shop, I came across this beauty. The store has a Facebook page, so I get to shop from home. Of course, the playhouse looks a little rough around the edges but I knew it had potential. The best thing about this playhouse is that the price tag was $45.00. Therefore, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. My children’s favorite thing to do is play outside. So, I want to place this under our tree for them to play in. They never have enough shade in our yard, so this would be perfect.

So, I purchased the playhouse because you should never let a good item pass you by. If the item is old or outdated then you can simply do a makeover. My husband and I took the kids paint shopping. Which was a lot more fun than it sounds.

*Keep in mind when you’re spray painting plastic that you must buy paint made for plastic.

When I purchased the Playhouse, it wouldn’t fit into my vehicle. Luckily the sales man was nice enough to dissemble this for me.

First I painted each piece with the base color. Two coats of paint are recommended. So, when the sun shines on your Playhouse, you won’t see streaks.

Next, I started painting with the additional colors. The first color was hunter green. I started off by painting the door and the roof.

After cleaning the pieces, I started painting the inside pieces red. My toddler actually picked out this color. It’s amazing how good it matches the tan and green..

After the base coat was fully dry, I taped around the shutters and porch lights. Painting the shutters green and the lights red to add some design.


The last step is assembling your Playhouse once it fully dries.

The end result was a huge success. My kids love their new house. We placed the playhouse under a tree for shade. They will have a nice place to rest when summer is in full effect.


This picture is then before and after. Now we want to hear your thoughts. Do you have before and after pictures to share with us? We want to see!

Parenting in Joyful Chaos


Motherhood is an amazing journey, which I cherish most in life. Raising two children under the ages of two is an adventure all in itself. There’s great times and a lot of not so great times. Every day there’s something new. You can never expect everything to be perfect. Trust me, it’s far from it. However, you just have to make the best of every situation, while creating the best memories. The two years will fly by quickly and then you’re wishing you could turn back the clock. Parenting is the most important job you will ever do. You are raising tiny humans. It’s the most rewarding job as well.

Parenting isn’t rainbows and sunshine all the time. If so, then I’ve missed the memo. In fact, parenting is joyful chaos. Every day you experience different emotions. Some of these emotions you never knew existed. It’s fun, exciting, messy, and chaotic. Every day is different, but all together it’s joyful. Experience our adventure of parenting in joyful chaos.

In this book, I share my story of raising two boys under the age of two. Throughout my motherhood journey I have discovered things that work best for us, and things that don’t work at all. You will hear how my husband and I made our situations work and how you can too! I share with you daily solutions, and helpful tips to make home life a little easier. Included in this book, is advice on how to maintain a healthy balance in your home. Also included are ways to maintain a positive attitude along with good self-esteem.


Parenting in Joyful Chaos

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Start of the New Beginning

Chapter 2: Introducing New Life

Chapter 3: Managing the Sickness

Chapter 4: Raising Two Boys under Two

Chapter 5: Life in Chaos

Chapter 6: The Happy Days

Chapter 7: I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Author Bio

This book is currently sold on Amazon. Parenting in Joyful Chaos is  Kindle Edition and Paperback for $9.99. However if you have Amazon Prime then you can borrow  this book for free!

About The Author

Meet The Author

Stacy is a content creator and founder of Taylor411. She is passionate about motherhood and helping others. A devoted wife, and a work at home mother of two young boys. In her free time ,she loves to blog, make crafts, and communicate with others on social media.



5 Self-care Routines You Can Do as a Family, Guest Post

Self-care is very important. However, sometimes its hard to make time for self- care in our busy schedules. I’m excited to introduce our very talented guest blogger, Laneic Lavalle from Makeit218 . She is sharing 5 self-care routines you can do as a family.

Self-care is usually thought of as a solo experience. While it’s deeply personal, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a lone momma journey; believe it or not you can even include your children.

Seem a bit counterproductive?

It’s possible. As mother’s is always easier said than done to find some solo time for yourself, but if you’re just looking to decompress, slow down, or just do something enjoyable, you can actually include your offspring. This can be an amazing opportunity to bond as well as get the family in the practice of self-care as well.

Here are 5 ways you can practice self-care with your kids.

  1. Yoga: yoga has been linked with many benefits. Not only does it have many physical benefits such as increased flexibility and lowering your blood sugar but it can improve concentration, be a soothing practice, and for your children increase their body awareness, build stress management and increase confidence. This can be a great family practices before bedtime when you’re all trying to wind down or in the morning before heading out the door to start off the day.
  2. Trying to Recipes: Want people to gather together? Bring food. Or rather make it. There’s something beautiful about eating something delicious you’ve made together and it brings such pride to your children to see and taste the finished process of their work. It doesn’t have to be anything exotic either. A homemade pizza or a yummy fruit salad with do to start off. Need some ideas? Download the Mommy and Me Cookbook Ideas
  3. Water Challenge: Drinking water is extremely important, seeing on how our body is made up of mostly water and what not. But we don’t always get enough of it. As a mom, we tend to function off of coffee and pure madness, our children survive off of elmo decorated juice boxes (1 easily morphs into 2,3,4,7…how the heck did it get to 12?!). Get the family together and commit to a water challenge, adding in a bit of friendly competition or a reward can help get the family on board.
  4. Declutter: Our environment has a substantial effect on our moods and behavior and clutter can affect us much more negatively than we think. It can add a sense of chaos and overwhelm without even knowing it. Take a day as a family to clean up some space and declutter. You can have your children help go through old toys and clothes; they’ll also probably have some fun helping you shred old papers and mail piling up in the junk drawer. You can even turn it into an act of goodwill and take a family trip to a donation center.
  5. Go for a walk: Get up and going. Whether it’s a short 10 minute lap around the neighborhood or a longer adventure on a hiking trail, walking together encourages healthy lifestyle of staying active and being outdoors. Take it an extra step and disconnect from technology during the walk.

Next time you find yourself short on solo time, try one of these activities with your family and see if it helps you relax and enjoy the moment!

About The Author

26C3A27848004F25A7048BCFF0084AA2Laneic Lavalle is a self-care and wellness coach for busy mommas at Mynameisnotmommy and blogger at Makeit218. After spending her first year trying to be and do everything under the sun, she was forced to take a step back and start making self-care a priority. Now her mission is to help other mothers who are burned out, or well on their way there, to making self-care a regular part of their lives, reconnecting with who they are separately of their children, and pursuing their happiness without guilt. You can grab her free self-care foundations video series here or connect on social media.

A Mother’s Logic, Motivating a Sibling Bond

Back in October I wrote a post about the sibling bond.The Sibling Bond, How young is too young? At the time my toddler was 22 months and my baby was 6 months old. I was worried that the sibling bond just wasn’t there. My toddler was still a baby when my youngest was born. He was used to having all the attention. Which we were very afraid that he would get jealous of the baby.

The update 5 months later is a complete success. A sibling bond is truly amazing. My fabulous followers gave me advice at the time. Which was, give it time and the bond will form itself. I thank you all for that advice. Your advice helped me cope with my motherly feelings. Time really does play a huge part in the bonding process. I know the more time that goes by, the stronger the bond will grow. Besides waiting, my husband and I tried some alternatives as well.

Here’s a few alternatives that we have been working on in our household.

  • We taught our child that being an older brother is awesome! He is teaching the baby new things, and we will point them out. We will also point out every time he makes his brother laugh. Now that is his favorite thing to do. He loves making him laugh.
  • We are constantly telling my toddler that the baby is his play mate. He needs to know that sharing his toys with his brother is important. He now loves playing with the baby. He is sharing his toys every day . He usually steals them back, but that’s a work in progress.
  • We let my toddler help with the baby. At first, we would let him help with feeding and simple tasks. He also started helping out on his own too. He will  hand him his pacifier or bottle when the baby drops it. He will also try to put socks on the baby and cover him with blankets.
  • I always asks my toddler to show the baby affection. Whether its waving goodbye, saying goodnight, a kiss, a huge, or saying love you. He now hugs and kisses the baby out of the blue. He also comforts the baby when he cries.

The more they are together, the stronger the bond forms. I know these alternatives did not bring them closer together. However these are emotions and tasks that we must teach our children. I feel the alternatives did help out in this process.

With all that being said, toddlers will still act their age. I have to pay close attention to the both of them. My toddler will try to help when its not necessary. By not necessary, I mean he will try to feed the baby food he can’t have, give him things he can’t play with, or grab his hand to walk  him.

However, I’m excited to see what the future holds for these two. They are growing so fast. My toddler is starting to talk all the time. Meanwhile my baby is starting to walk. No matter what goes on in their life, I hope they will stick by each other. A mother’s hope is that her children love and protect one another. I have a feeling these two will always share an amazing brotherly bond.

You know I always love to hear from you! What are some special things that your children do together?

Teaching Colors, Counting, and Shapes with St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

My toddler is 2 years old, and learning is his passion. He amazes me everyday. His love for learning always inspires me to teach him more. Logan loves to count past ten and names all of the colors and shapes. Tonight’s crafts were right up his alley. He loved the St. Patrick’s Day theme. These crafts made learning fun. I enjoyed them just as much as Logan.

Teaching Colors with a Skittles and a Rainbow

This craft is very simple and fun. I used construction paper and cut out a rainbow. Since toddlers are semi predictable. I knew I would have a little trouble keeping him from eating all the Skittles. Luck was on his side when purple paper wasn’t in our pack. So we made a deal. He could eat all the purple skittles if he participated without eating the other colors. He agreed and this craft was a huge success.

I put all the Skittles in a pile on the table. Logan placed the colored Skittles on the matching color on the rainbow. We practice colors often, this craft helped us switch things up a bit.


Counting The Pot of Coins

All you’ll need is coins, a pot or hat. My toddler still to this day loves placing objects in his mouth. We don’t count real coins very often for the fear of him swallowing them. These coins were perfect because they are large and hard to fit in the mouth. He enjoyed counting the gold coins as he placed them into the hat. When he was finished, he would dump them out and count them again.

Learning Shapes with Shamrocks

To prepare for this craft, I cut out all the shapes with green construction paper. I cut out 3 hearts, 3 large circles, and 2 rectangles. I placed the shapes together, showing my son how to make shamrocks. He did the rest. He took the shapes apart and then placed them back together like a puzzle. He would make a shamrock then name me all the different shapes. This craft is fun and great for learning.

These crafts are perfect for young children and toddlers. We really enjoyed sitting down to do these crafts together. I love teaching my kiddo new things. He loves learning just as much. I really cherish the times when we make learning fun. I love to see his little mind at work and the joy it brings to us both.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Taylor411.

Spring Cleaning with Keepy App


With Spring just around the corner, I’ve been trying to get my house clean and organized. A big problem I had, was all of my memory keepsakes. My son loves to paint, therefore I have his paintings all over my refrigerator, in the filing cabinet, and in random places lying around the house. I also have stacks of family pictures that I printed to relieve some space off of my phone. Recently I came across the Keepy App. This app allows me to organize and save all of my sons projects, and our photos in one place. The great thing about this app is I can privately share my memories with love ones as well.

Disclosure: **I have received compensation in exchange for my honest review. However all thought and opinions are my own. Thanks!

Create Memory Timelines for Each Child

 I was able to create a timeline for each of my children. Once you open the app, tap on the icon that says, “Everyone” in the left corner. Then, all you do it tap on the +add option to add each child.

Privately Share Your Memories

My favorite feature about the Keepy app is that I can share my memories privately with our family. There’s some special memories that I would love to share without uploading the pictures onto social media. Adding a love one to the app is so easy. Click on the gear at the bottom of the right hand corner of the screen. Next you will tap on the icon “fans”. The app asks, who would love to get updates of your kids? Once you tap on the person that you would like to add, you can then add them simply from your phones contacts or just by entering their email.

Adding Voice or Video Stories

The Keepy App allows you to add voice and video to your memories. I’m able to tell about each memory in detail by voice by tapping on the green headphones icon. When my son starts talking more, I will add his voice along with his pictures. Then we can cherish them together as he grows older. Its nice to share memories with voice and video with their grandmothers. They can feel included in every memory that we are sharing together.

Voice, Video, and Text Comments

After our family views our captured moments that we’ve shared with them, they can interact with us. They can leave voice, video, and text comments on each photo or video. They can simply tap the comment icon at the bottom, left of the screen. They will then have the option to choose video, voice, or text.

Storing Everything in one Safe Place

The app is perfect for storing all of your family’s photos, videos, and artwork in one safe place. Last week I was using multiple apps to store everything. This week, I’m spring cleaning my phone and house by storing everything in one place, Keepy App.

Keepy Store

Now if this app isn’t amazing already, theres even more! Keepy App has a store to purchase any of your  memories and creations. By tapping on the gear at the bottom of the right screen, this menu will appear. The store is the purple icon. Its so easy to order and it only takes minutes to complete the whole process. I purchased 2 canvas prints with each of my children, and a coffee mug that includes our whole family.

My Honest Opinion

The Keepy App is by far, one of my favorite apps. I was able to delete 3 apps from my phone that I used daily, just to accomplish everything that I can now do on Keepy. I’m also able to free up tons of space by moving all of my photos to this app. When I’m ready, I can print them from the Keepy Store so I can add them to our family album at home. The best part about this app, is I’m able to share with our family and friends privately. I couldn’t imagine life without this app now. I definatly recommend the Keepy App. You can check out the website

The Keepy App is available on IOS and android. You can download this app here:  IOS  and Android


DIY Easter Bouquet

Everyone has that one thing they turn to whenever they need a pick me up or a place to relax their mind. Mine just so happens to be crafting. I love basically anything to do with crafts whether it’s quilting, embroidery, painting, or arranging flowers to make some home décor. This weekend I stopped at our local Dollar Tree and found these beautiful flowers. I knew they would brighten up my kitchen  and I just had to have them. Luckily, I had enough flowers to make an arrangement for my friendly neighbor lady as well. So not only did it brighten my day, I was able to share my joy with someone else. Win, win!

To get started on the bouquet, I purchased 9 sets of various flowers, a tin vase, floral foam, and Easter egg decorations.

First, add the floral foam to your vase, or tin. Add your flowers one by one, arranging them accordingly to your liking.


One set of flowers happened to be butterflies, which really stand out in the bouquet.

Bouquets can be arranged several different ways. Once you have grown tired of your bouquet, add new flowers. Or you can just rearrange it again, and it will feel like a new bouquet again. My completed project brought a lot of joy and color to our home. Two bouquets cost me $12, so I only paid $6.00 a piece to make each. These are great to make and share. What better way to bring in Spring than sharing one of these with a loved one or neighbor? When I dropped this bouquet off to my neighbor, she told me that she had just gotten out of the hospital and this made her day. Little did she know that it made my day as well just to see the joy it brought to her. Share the love and spread the joy 🙂