DIY Beer Bottle Vases

Before I had my two bundles of joy I had lots of time on my hands. As a young adult, I wouldn’t mind having a few cold beers every now and then.

I am always looking for new fun ideas. One night while drinking with some friends over the weekend I kept staring at my beer bottle. I was drinking a Bud Light Platinum. Have you ever seen these bottles? The blue glass is so beautiful.

DIY Beer Bottle Vases
My first thought was if I cut the bottle then I can make a vase. I had no tools to do so, and I didn’t figure that it would work out so well. So I got the idea to break the bottle. Sounds easy enough right?? Bottles are actually harder to break than they look. If you throw the bottle it usually breaks into tiny little pieces with glass shards everywhere.

I wanted bigger pieces of this glass so I could design my own vase. I had a bunch of clear vases left over from my wedding just sitting in a closet. So my second idea was to dress these vases up instead of cutting a bottle to make vase. I took a hammer to the bottle and had no luck either. It wouldn’t break, so I put the bottle in the freezer for about 15 minutes. The bottle was nice and cold, so I wrapped it in a towel then hit it with the hammer. Hint: Make sure you have the bottle in a bucket to catch the glass pieces.  Let me just say, this probably isn’t the best idea in the world. This is just my own solution to a problem where I had no tools besides a hammer.

  1.  After you have selected your glass bottle, break the glass into your desired pieces.
  2.  Super glue the glass pieces onto the desired vase you have chosen.A piece of advice: I’ve learned that flat bottles such as Jagermeistereger bottles do not work as well when you are adding to a cylinder object. The round bottles work best on cylinder objects and flat bottles work best on flat objects.
  3. For my final step I took the blue glitter, Elmer’s glue and glued in between all the cracks. Glue really good around the edges of the glass pieces. Elmer’s glitter glue comes in many different colors so choose which color is best for your project. The Elmer’s glue helped form a soft edge around the glass pieces so they aren’t sharp. I applied 3 coats of the Elmer’s glue.
That’s it, You are finished and Enjoy your hard work.😉
Now that I have two little ones I removed almost all the glass from my house.
These made a great gift to my mother who displays them on a bookcase in her living room.

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