Elmo Themed Birthday

For my sons first birthday we chose Elmo as the theme. He has adored Elmo since he was 4 months old. His birthday is on New Year’s Eve. With it being so close to Christmas we had limited funds to celebrate with.

Elmo Themed BirthdayI decided to make all decorations. Since we decided on having the party at our home we saved on venue cost. I surfed the Internet for days looking for ideas. I even made his cake because I couldn’t find someone to make it around the holidays. His birthday party turned out to be a huge success. He loved it and had so much fun. That’s all the really mattered to me. I did happen to only spend $40 on the whole party, excluding his gifts. It’s a win both ways.


The great thing about crate paper is you can decorate all day and the cost is so cheap. You can usually pick a roll up for around $1.00 apiece. Balloons are also cheap, usually around $1 or $2 dollars a bag. I blew up the red balloons and tied them together with string, 4 at a time and built off the first platform of balloons. I bought the Elmo head balloon at the Dollar Tree and tied it to the top.

My Mother in Law purchased this Sesame Street backdrop for us. I used scrap booking paper that I had laying around to cut out the words, ” Happy birthday Logan”. Everything was hung with scotch tape that I already had at home.
For food I bought a couple packs of Hot dogs, chili sauce, and bake beans. The food was great, everyone had a full stomach and it was all very cheap to purchase.
Our beverage was Rubber Ducky Punch. This took 1 bottle of blue Hawaiian Punch, 1/2 gallon of vanilla ice cream, then pour Sprite on top to make it fizz. At the Dollar Tree we got all three rubber ducks in a pack for $1.00.
I made two round cakes and stacked them together using icing in between the layers to hold the cakes in place. Elmo’s fur is done by Betty Crockers Squirt Icing. It took 2 cans to complete the cake. I ordered the Elmo face off Amazon and just laid it in the icing.
For The last project I colored the outside of baby food jars with Elmer glitter glue. This made the jars look like water. I filled the jars with goldfish. I Simply added a tag that said Dorthys Goldfish.


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