Ideas on making extra money

Im sure anyone who is a stay at home mom, with one family income can relate that the struggle is real. My husband is a very hard worker that works long hours. I work at home taking care of the house chores and our kids. I still wanted to do more to help our family income.

I started babysitting in my home during the hours my husband works. Some evenings I clean houses while my husband is home with the kids. It  isn’t much, but my babysitting money is used to buy the extras, or to pay off little bills. I am using my cleaning money to start Christmas shopping. It’s really early but I’m buying little by little.

These sides jobs are great for anyone who can only work certain hours. I recommended babysitting and housekeeping if you are able to do so. Babysitting and house cleaning is usually paid cash the same day as your services. Just keep in mind it doesn’t pay much but every bit adds up.


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