Buying Your Kids Clothes Without Breaking the Bank

I have two children under two. My oldest is 19 months and my youngest is 4 months. You would think I spend a fortune in clothes since little ones grow so fast. It’s the complete opposite, I pay almost nothing. Getting ready to have my first child I received a ton of clothes at my baby shower. I had enough outfits to last him for months. Throughout the year he received clothes from family members on holidays and special occasions. My husband and I probably spent a rough total of $70 all year long for baby clothes. As he out grew the outfits, I washed and packed them away.

To my surprise I conceived another boy and the clothes I saved could be handed down. Now every time my youngest son outgrows the outfits, I sell them. I use the money from those clothes to buy my oldest clothes again. It’s a cycle that has worked for us. I honestly haven’t spent any extra money on clothes this year. As they get older I know the clothes will get worn fast. I also know my youngest won’t want all hand me down, nor do I expect him to. For now, I think this idea is genius because they grow so fast. Most of the outfits have only been worn a few times and are in great shape.

If you are having trouble selling your baby/ toddler clothes here’s some advice.

  • You could have a yard sale and price the clothes with individual prices.
  • I have found that you double your money selling these items on community yard sale sites or eBay. You can group the clothing by sizes and sell them as a whole, or lots.
  • What do you think of this idea? How does your family save money on buying clothes?

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