A look through a Mothers eyes

I’m not here to fool anyone. Sometimes my days consist of non stop craziness, tears and confusion. While other days are happy, smiles, and hugs.

A look through a mothers eyes is an amazing story that I’d love to share. After long sleepless nights you tend to get frustrated when your awoken once again for a nightly feeding. Then you look down after his tummy is full and he smiles at you then drifts back off to sleep. Or the moment your toddler runs in your room to get into bed with you. You open your eyes to see him feel comforted after he snuggles up safely in your arms and falls back asleep.

A look into a mothers eyes when your child is sick. He has little watery eyes as he is to sick to hold up his head. Your heart breaks as you just want to take all his pain away. You do everything you can by giving medicine, feeding him fluids, and making him comfortable. Then it’s the moment you see him feeling better and he gives you the look that your his hero.

Looking through a mothers eyes watching while your children are growing. You see their struggles and fears. You teach them and encourage them the best you know how. Then it’s the moments when they finally accomplish it and they look at you like,” I did it mom.” It’s the look of amazement and courage, as you see their whole face light up.

A mothers eyes are an amazing journey. We get to see the happy, sad, funny, and scary moments. The looks on your child face is what makes it a blessed journey. There is nothing better than a room full of people and your child’s eyes meets with yours just as he gives you a rotten grin to make you laugh. I pray every mother gets to experience these moments and enjoy their blessings. Life can get so hectic sometimes but remember the little special moments make it all worth it.


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