Dinner brings the family together

After I had my children, I made it a #1 priority to have dinner set at the table every night. Chasing after a baby and a toddler, I don’t always feel like cooking. So whether it’s take out we brought home, leftovers or a home cooked meal, its on our table. I remember when my oldest child was to little to hold his head up, we sat his bouncy seat on the table with us. Now he is old enough to sit at the table in his booster seat. He gets so excited to sit in his chair, it makes him feel like a big boy. It’s my youngest that sits in the bouncy seat now.

I am a firm believer that dinner brings us closer. My husband works all day and I run after the children. It’s so nice to sit with my husband over a meal discussing our day. We are also usually laughing  under our breath as our toddler throws his food or makes funny faces when he doesn’t like his food. I have to say the idea seemed silly at first but now we all look forward to eating together at the table.

Whether you have children, just your significant other, your parents, your friend, or even your animal “dinner should be cherished family time.”


6 thoughts on “Dinner brings the family together

  1. As a family of 6 and being my kids are from 18 to 3 yrs of age and now that my oldest is in college and Hubby's hrs are crazy we don't get to eat all together but we always end up on the couch for a bit together at the end of the day. To me what is important is the time. That's our home's cherished time.


  2. I'm glad you guys get time to spend together. Congrats on a family of 6, I bet it is hard will different schedules. Each family does what's best for them, and your right that time is cherished. Thanks for your feedback Ellie.


  3. We are also a family of six, and I can relate to the exhaustion! I also make sure we have dinner at the table to connect and talk about the day. I make it a priority to cook, since takeout can get pricey with four boys. Either way, the time together is what matters.


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