DIY No sew, Turning Shower Curtains into Window Curtains

Turning shower curtains into window curtains is very simple. Once you have chosen the curtain you want to use, lay it out flat. (This curtain was purchased at a yard sale for $1, good deal)
Following this guide will make you 4 shears, enough for two windows.
Next you will need to fold the shower curtain neatly in half. To cut the shower curtain, I used a fabric cutting tool for a nice clean cut. If you only have scissors then those will work just fine.
You will now cut the side of the curtain that you folded over.
After you cut the fold you should now have two pieces as show below.
You will now need to fold these two neatly into. Cut the side with the fold as you have done before. You now have 4 pieces and your curtains are complete. Put your rod through the holes that would originally hold the shower curtain hooks.
Enjoy your curtains! Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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