Daddy’s Sunday Fun Day

I give a huge applause to my husband today. He made my toddler a dads Sunday Fun day. They have been outside for hours, so I keep sneaking out and taking pictures.

The first time I walked outside, they were playing trucks under a tree. This seems to be their Sunday tradition. They play for ever because once they start, my toddler Logan, never wants to stop.

The next time I peeked out, they were having a water squirt war. Then they came in and grabbed Popsicles then back outside.

My husbands next adventure he calls the homemade pony ride.

He tied a rope to Logan’s Little Tykes toy. Every time he pushed him, it hurts his back. So this is his new invention. It was a huge success, he loved it! I have a proud daddy right here. He’s so good with his boys. They adore him. I’m a truly blessed mom and wife.

Enjoy your Sunday, thanks for sharing mine.


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