DIY, How to dress up old Christmas lights

If you have old Christmas lights lying around you can dress them up for all year decoration. I bought these lights because the light strand is short. I paid $1 for the lights.

I had leftover material lying around from previous projects. If you need to purchase material, you should be able to buy leftover squares for cheap at your material store. On this project I used 3 different materials. I used a solid brown, solid siege green, and a plaid green and beige.
I cut each strip 1 inch thick and 1/2 inch wide. Make sure all your strands are the same length and width. Start cutting: you will need roughly 30 of each color strips. This depends on how long your string of lights is. After you have all your material cut, I simply tied a strip to the beginning of the light string. You can tie it in a knot. You can add your colors as you please. I simply rotated the colors as I knotted each strip. Push the strips close together as your applying them.
That’s it, when you reach the end of the light string, you have completed your project. Enjoy!

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