DIY Christmas Snowman

You can save your old Ragu Spaghetti Sauce jars and turn them into Christmas decorations. If you don’t buy spaghetti sauce then you can use any old jars lying around. Here are the steps in creating your snowman.

  1. Spray paint the jar you have chosen white. I only painted the outside of the jar. There is no need to paint the inside.
  2. After the outside of the jar is completely dry, paint on a snowman face. I googled “snowman face” under images, printed it, cut it, and traced it.
  3. The next step is adding lights to your snowman after all your paint is dry. I bought a short strand of Christmas lights  for $1. Add them to the inside of the jar. I threw away the lid to the jar and left the top open.
  4. Now if you’re crafty you can make clothing for your snowman. I hand sewn these hats with leftover material from previous projects. If your not crafty, you can simply add a sock as the hat and glue a cotton ball on the end. The hat and scarf design are endless, here are two of my creations. The top of the purple hat is cotton balls glued together.
Enjoy your snowman!!
If you have read this and created one, I would love to see your pictures and feedback.

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