The Importance of Relaxation with Children


All stay at home parents know, staying home is not a vacation. Every day seems like a hustle. Wouldn’t it be nice to just sleep in or lounge around all day?? Or watch the t.v for an hour or two?
Most days its pretty much the opposite. I wake up, change diapers, and get the kids dressed. I may have time to get dressed myself if I’m lucky. Then its breakfast and play time. Next is lunch, and naptime. After those, I’m running errands or paying bills. Turn around and its time to start prepping dinner.
 All of this while I’m trying to educate my little ones, potty train, catch up the dishes, throw laundry in the machine, dusting, sweeping, and mopping up all the messes from the day. Then you hear the baby cry and its nursing time again. Whew! Really this is just a piece of the pie.
Here are two of my daily reminders:
  • Stop and take a deep breath. I do this a lot when both kiddos are crying at the same time and  I get overwhelmed. It really does help when I take a second and refocus my energy.
  • Do one task at a time. I will run around this house like a chicken with its head cut off. I start so many tasks, get side tracked and then on to the next. Everything runs more smoothly when you finish one tasks before you start a new one.
 In the mist of all my madness, I see those precious faces. Then I realize, I can clean this house all day and it will not be perfect. I can keep sweeping, mopping and dusting and it will get dirty within a few hours. What I need to be doing is relaxing with my children.
Of coarse I want to teach them responsibilities. Does it have to be every second of every day though?? I owe it to them, to give my full attention and relax with them. It is great for bonding and overall just great for your health. I now try to take one day of the week and dedicate it as our lazy day. I still tidy up throughout the day and cook, but I save the real chores and errands for another day.
I have also set certain days to do the laundry and most of my cleaning. This helps me from trying to do everything, everyday. It also gives me more time to relax with my children. I’ve noticed since I have started this, we all feel a little more at ease.
There is no better feeling in this world, then lying on the couch with your kids cuddled in your arms.  So do it, drop everything and go relax. I know in some cases this is just impossible to do, but do you have a few hours that you can work it in?

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Relaxation with Children

  1. This is SOOO important. And, honestly, one main reason I am so thankful that I am still breastfeeding. My son is 19 months old, and sometimes things can get so hectic and crazy. But, I know that in those quiet times before nap or bed, that it will be our special time to just cuddle, and nurse, so I can memorize his features and stroke his hair. It really is so necessary to soak up this time with our kids, for it fades so quickly! Thanks for sharing ❤


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