This Road We Call Life, A Prayer

Last Night I was going through my filing cabinet and I found a poem that I have written as a teenager. I’m so proud of this poem that I ‘ve written and would like to share. I hope you enjoy!

This Road We Call Life

Dear Lord, please hold my hand and walk me down this road we call life.

If I should start to venture in the wrong direction, please Lord guide me to the light.

If I should come along an obstacle to hard for me to handle;

Please help me Lord overcome the darkness by lighting me a candle.


Down this road there’s many struggles and many tears I’ve cried;

Continue holding my hand dear Lord and help me walk on by.

Stay strong I always say, with all the days that pass;

I cannot do this on my own so to you I’m running fast.


Everyone needs a friend to help them walk all day;

As I keep on searching for, there’s none along my way.

When I turn and realize and think I’m standing here alone;

You dear Lord squeeze my hand and show me that I’ve grown.


I am old enough to see that at times I’ll still be weak;

For everything I want to learn and out for it I seek.

Still with you by my side you still help me every day;

Keep holding on to me Dear Lord, I never want to stray.


Now I’ve traveled for many years and keep on walking these same roads;

Laughter, tear, joy, and fears, I’ve taken on many loads.

I’m going to keep on walking, this life I’m still in;

Lord I pray that you will lead me to the light, when my journey ends.


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