A Family Trip to St. Louis Zoo

Today we shared a trip to St. Louis Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa. The overall experience was incredible. If you decide to go to a zoo, I highly recommend St. Louis Zoo. My husband and I ended up taking two strollers, one for my toddler and for the baby. We all walked around looking at the animals, and let me tell you that they were awesome. I think my favorite was the lion sitting up in a tree.

There is so much to do there and so much to see. There are special buildings for reptiles, insects, and a children’s zoo also. After 5 hours of touring this zoo we still never made it to the children’s zoo or the insect building.

One of the activities that we did there was ride a train. The train takes you on a tour of the whole zoo. They run 3 trains at a time so we didn’t have to wait in line, which was nice. The next thing we did was the 4D theatre. The movie that was playing was sponge bob. My baby was hungry and hot so this was a mom win. My toddler watched Sponge Bob and it gave me a resting place to feed and cool off. Lastly, we rode the carousel. It was huge! Even grandma got on and rode it with us.

We enjoyed spending the day with Grandma and Grandpa. My kids had so much fun. They were so we’ll behaved and I could have not asked for a better day.  We will definitely go back to this zoo. When you go be prepared to spend the day. I forgot to mention that they have misting stations all throughout the zoo to help keep you cool on a hot day!


18 thoughts on “A Family Trip to St. Louis Zoo

  1. The last time I went to a zoo I was so little I don't remember lol. So I have nothing to compare it to. I thought it was awesome though!! I'm pretty sure they just remodeled it in the last ten years. Maybe they will do the same to yours in the future? Lol


  2. Oh wow, looks like such a wonderful day!
    Zoos are always soo much fun with the kiddos, and yours looks HUGE! I live in SC, and we don’t have much of a zoo here, but the train looks like an absolute blast. Thanks so much for sharing! ❤


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