DIY Halloween Candy Jar


To turn an old Rague Jar, or any Jar, into a Halloween Jar please follow the steps below.

You will Need:

  • An old Jar
  • Orange, Brown, Black Paint and Brush
  • Dried Corn Husk
  • Hot Glue Gun

To Make the Pumpkin:

  1. First you will paint your empty and clean jar orange. After my Jar has completely dried, I added a second coat of paint. Let dry.
  2. Its time to paint a face on your pumpkin jar. The face is completely your choice, and I used black paint. Let dry.
  3. The last step in painting your pumpkin jar, is the lid. I painted mine brown and let the whole jar dry overnight.
 The Bow:
The first step is you are going to take short and skinny pieces of dried corn husk and tie them together.

Next you will take a long, thick piece of corn husk and fold over to make a loop. Apply on both ends. I used the hot glue gun to hold the loops in place. Once your first strand is complete, apply a second strand and repeat these steps. Hold together and glue.

Next I took one thick and short strand of corn husk, folded in half, and hot glued together. You will glue this in the middle of you bow. Then you will glue your bow to the skinny stands that you previously tied together. This give the bow a little more decoration.
Take a few skinny strands of corn husk and wrap around your finger (one at a time) to give the strand some curl. Add a few of these to the back of your bow and support with your hot glue gun. These also give your bow some more decoration.
Last, I added one strand of corn husk around the top of the jar for decoration. Then add your bow to your pumpkin vase and add support with your hot glue gun.
Enjoy your Halloween Candy Jar!!
Tip: If you do not need a Candy Jar, you can add a tea light to your pumpkin. Also an alternate would be adding a small strand of Christmas Lights. Sit back and watch it Glow.

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