10 Fall Activities To Do With Your Toddler

Almost every child loves to be outside. What better time is there to play outside, then in the fall? Kids need exercise and parents need to have a little fun. I came up with this list based on what I want to accomplish with my toddler this year. I hope it helps you too!

  1. Rake a pile of leaves and let your child enjoy playing and jumping in the leaves. Hey you were going to rake them anyways right? After you are done playing, you can teach them how to rake the leaves too.
  2. Fly a kite. There is nothing better than being outside on a warm breezy day flying a kite together.
  3. Go to the park. You don’t have many opportunities left with the winter fast approaching. It’s time to take a break and enjoy!
  4. Have a picnic. Make a couple of sandwiches, grab some fruit, and maybe a bag of chips. Grab a sheet and lay out under your favorite tree. Now enjoy a nice picnic with your little one. When you have lunch at the table everyday, it’s nice to switch things up a bit.
  5. Take a nature walk. This can be a learning experience and a relaxing stroll all in one. You can teach your little one about the trees, animals, nuts and berries, ect. while on your walk.
  6. Go to the zoo. A lot of zoos do activities around this time of year. I know the zoo near me is having Halloween activities such as a flashlight hunt. It’s great to visit the animals before winter sets in.
  7. Take a trip to a pumpkin patch. If you’re planning on decorating pumpkins for Halloween, why not get the pumpkins at a pumpkin patch?Make a fun day out of it.
  8. Decorate a pumpkin. If your little one is too young to carve a pumpkin then there’s alternatives. Let them clean the pumpkin. They’ll enjoy playing in the seeds. You can also keep it clean and let them color on the pumpkins.
  9. Teach them to ride a bike or tricycle. I know we’re going to start teaching my toddler how to ride a tricycle. It’s perfect to learn this time of year. It’s not too hot, so you can enjoy the day and make it a relaxing learning experience.
  10. Feed the fish. My toddler is too young to go fishing. He’s the perfect age though to go to the river and feed the fish, with guidance of coarse. The rivers are calm around this season because they’re not full of swimmers. You can also go to your local fish hatchery and feed the fish there.

Seasons come and go whole days fly by too fast. Take some time and enjoy the little things or they will pass you by as well. Most of these activities are free or cost very little. I hope this list can help in planning an experience that your children will remember forever!


29 thoughts on “10 Fall Activities To Do With Your Toddler

  1. Mine aren't quite toddlers, anymore, but we plan on making a leaf scrapbook this year once the leaves change colors a little more. I can't wait to see how this goes! I can't wait to take mine to the zoo and the pumpkin patch, either!


  2. Mine are quite a bit older but would still love most of these suggestions! Especially the zoo…it’s the perfect time of year, not too hot or too cold. Sounds like you have great plans πŸ˜€


  3. Raking a pile of leaves!!! So simple, yet so much fun, I absolutely love the idea (:
    My 18 month old is absolutely OBSESSED with being outside, and I know he would get so much joy out of these activities. Fall is my favorite! Thanks for sharing ❀


  4. Great ideas! We’ve been working on bike riding, and we just went to the zoo. I’m hoping to get a few more park visits in before it gets too cold. Plus, it’s getting dark earlier and earlier. Oh! We also made it to a pumpkin patch.


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