The White Tiger, Our Decorating Pumpkin Tradition

 Our pumpkin decorating tradition got a lot more exciting this year. It started off, our son thought the pumpkin was gross. Every time the pumpkin strings got on his hands he said, “Eewww”. He’s so funny. One day he likes something and the next he doesn’t, but that’s a toddler for ya. Well we didn’t want him to miss out on the fun! We thought if we put his favorite toy truck in the pumkin that he would get it and get used to it. Let’s just say it worked!!
Once he got the feel of the texture, the fun began. My kitchen turned into a pumpkin war zone. It was between my husband and my almost 2 year old. They thought it was hilarious to throw the pumpkin string and smear it. I have to say though, it was so fun! We all had a blast, and my kitchen floor turned into a slip in slide.
My husband drew the Tiger face for our pumpkin and then traced it on. I love the tiger that he drew! He is very talented when it comes to drawing. I found out that it is very rare to see white pumpkins carved, when looking for ideas. We ended up with a white one because all the orange ones were outside the store and I didn’t feel like going back out, whoops. We usually do orange but we all love this white one! Win, Win, glad I was being lazy yesterday.
After he traced the tiger face on, I played connect the dots. I carved it out and there you have it, Our family tradition of decorating the pumpkin. This year, “The White Tiger.”

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