Halloween Pumpkin Contest

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I love blogging, its my passion. I love sharing my story with my readers. This is one hobby I honestly see myself doing forever. There are so many new things to learn and that excites me. I never get bored!

My readers are truly amazing. Within my first two months of blogging, I’ve began learning about so many of you. Not only have you read my journey but I have learned so much of yours as well.

As a way to say thank you to my readers, I am going to be hosting a pumpkin decorating/ carving contest. All pumpkin pictures submitted will be advertised on my upcoming blog that will be posted in November. It will be displayed on social media sites. Please take the picture with the decorator beside of the pumpkin. This is to ensure that random pumpkin pictures off of the web are not being submitted. However, If you do not want in the picture you can privately send me a picture of a photo of you and the pumpkin that will not be displayed, only your pumpkin.

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The winner of the contest gets to have their picture and a brief bio included as the main feature in the blog. All submissions can be private messaged to Taylor411. The deadline is October 28, and judging will be held  October 29th and 30th by the viewers on my Facebook page Taylor411. Please feel free to like our page, so you can participate in the voting as well. Thanks and I look forward to getting your pictures.


Please Note: Depending on the amount of pictures received, depends on whether two categories will take place, based on age.


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