2016 Halloween Pumpkin Contest

2016 Halloween Pumpkin Contest


My readers and followers are truly amazing. I’ve only been blogging for almost 3 months and within that short amount of time, I’ve began learning about so many of you. Not only have you read my journey but I have learned so much of yours as well.

As a way to say thank you to my readers, Taylor411 held its first annual Halloween pumpkin contest. All of our entries were awesome. The pumpkins ranged from Carved, Decorated, and Painted. There were two categories: Adult and Child, and then a Toddler Division.

I’m proud to announce that the Winners are:

The Adult/Child Division

img_1184Kiely is 13. She is a caring and sweet girl with a big heart. She is a straight A student who loves to play volleyball. Kiely loves doing things to help others. In September (Childhood Cancer Awareness Month)she holds a lemonade stand to raise money to donate to families at the Ronald McDonald House who have a child battling cancer. She also collects aluminum tabs to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. She has collected over 4 million of them. Check out her story by clicking like on her Facebook page GivingBackThroughTheWorldOfPopTabs

The Toddler Painted Division

img_1234Ruby is 22 months old and she loves reading books. Ruby’s favorite movie is the little prince.  She is going to be Sofia the first for Halloween. 

Our Runner Up: Catherine Maseda
This pumpkin is truly amazing. It looks so unique. You can tell that she put so much time and effort into making this pumpkin! Great Job Catherine!!




Here are All of our Contestants:

Toddlers Painted Division:


You all did an outstanding job, I want to truly thank you for entering the contest. You all should be very proud of your pumpkins! Get ready for next year, we hope to have our 2nd Halloween Pumpkin Contest.


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