How to Handle the Terrible Twos


So with my oldest child turning 22 months, my worst fear is coming true. That my friends, is the terrible twos. I was hoping that the saying wasn’t true or I just didnt want to believe it. Either way, I just experienced it. Tonight was my sons first real tantrum, Whoa, it was a doozy!

It all started because my husband and I took the kids outside to play on their swing set. We were actually outside for awhile. Deciding that it was time to go in, we took the boys inside. There it was, like a door smacking you in the face, my son let out a horrible scream and threw himself down on the floor. He just wouldn’t stop, this lasted forever, so it seemed.

Now lets talk about how we handled this tantrum. My husbands approach was, ignore him, he will stop. We’ll I humored him for a bit and realized this was totally the wrong approach, for one, it didn’t work!

Now my approach, because Momma knows best right? My approach was, I took him in my arms and cuddled him. I explained to him that it was time to come inside and he needed to calm down and find something inside to play with. WRONG! He screamed louder and jerked away from me and threw an even harder fit.

Finally we figured out what works for him. We took him to his room with a sippy cup of milk. We turned on his TV to Barney, sat him on his bed, and we left the room. Within 5 minutes we heard him laughing and playing. Our little boy was back. Now I’m sure every parent will not agree with the way we handled this situation. But that just it, not one way is the right way. Its what works for your child. My kid doesn’t respond well with being babied, ignored, or even discipline in most cases. He just needed time to himself, to cool off.

We are first time parents and we are doing the best we can. That’s just all we can do, right? I just pray we make it through the terrible twos, because once my son gets through them,  my youngest will be right behind him. As they say in Star Wars, Let the Force Be With Us.


8 thoughts on “How to Handle the Terrible Twos

  1. I can totally relate, it is just a stage and it will pass (hope I believe what I just said) my son is 30months and still throws a tantrum every now and then. Momma knows best and every approach is unique! I am happy you two could find what works for your little boy


  2. It was (is) hard, but he had to grow up quickly because he had a sister when he turned 17months:-) These days he is a responsible big brother:-) I love when I sit back and watch him tell his sister to stop when she gets naughty. So we are getting there, slowly but surely


  3. Our first actually didn’t go through the terrible twos, so it was doubly surprising when our second did. We have a similar response to tantrums. They are welcome to scream and cry and express themselves however they need–in the peace and quiet of their own room. We too have found that giving the kids a few minutes to themselves, without an audience AND without the pressure to behave themselves works wonders. Good luck, and hang in there! I’m sure it gets better eventually.


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