Enjoying the Holidays, Roundup

The holidays season is a special time of year.  The Holidays bring families together, you have the celebration of  religion, and there are many recreational functions. There are many ways to celebrate the holidays; whether you decide to travel, rest, or participate in the recreational activities.

When I started blogging a few months ago, I joined the Mom Blog Tribe to share my journey with some wonderful fellow bloggers. I want to share a few of their inspirations and ideas to help you enjoy this holiday season.

Christmas Decorating Ideas


Decorating is one of my favorite part of the holidays. I love getting new decoration ideas and sharing ideas as well. All Things Beautiful shares her Christmas Decorating ideas to help inspire you for the holiday season.

How to Stay Productive During the Holidays


Even with all the holiday celebrations its very easy to fall into the overstuffed, lounge mode. Engineered Motherhood wrote a great post on how to stay productive and manage holiday stress.

How to keep your Sanity during the Holidays

How to keep your sanity during the holidays. Visit shortsweetmom.com to find out how you can get the most out of your holidays.

Holidays can be very stressful. Short Sweet Mom wrote a great blog and shares a lot of tips on how to enjoy your holidays without the added stress and exhaustion.

Passing Down the Holiday Family Traditions


I wrote this post about the importance of traditions and Handing down Family Holiday Traditions throughout generations.

Holiday Season “Me Time” Reminder & Giveaway


Theresa’s Reviews posted to remind us to take a little, “Me time” during the holidays. She also tells you how you can treat yourself during the season. Be sure to enter her giveaway as an extra bonus to you.

non toy gift ideas for toddlers or preschoolersSAHM,plus came up with a brilliant list for non toy gift ideas for toddlers and preschoolers. I love these ideas and cant wait to try a few myself.

Thanks for reading my Christmas round up and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Just keep in mind that there is more to the holidays then presents and gift buying. The holidays shouldn’t be stressful and overwhelming. Take the time to enjoy the quality time with love ones. Relax and Remember the reason for the season 🙂


36 thoughts on “Enjoying the Holidays, Roundup

    1. Thanks Shann Eva, I can’t believe it either. It’s taking all I have not to put up my tree already 😬 lol. I’m so excited! Short and Sweet Moms post is great advice about Keeping your sanity, I need to follow it myself this year.


  1. I do so love our Mom Blog Tribe 😀 You’re right–the holidays really shouldn’t be so stressful. We put extra pressure on ourselves, and we need to just stop it and enjoy our loved ones.


    1. Yes Georgiana we do it to ourselves. As much as I preach this, it’s easier said then done. I know I’m guilty of weighing on the extra stress during the holidays, but I’m working on it 😉


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