No Sleep in the Small Town

As I have mentioned in my introduction, my husband and I moved to a small town 6 years ago. The population is small and the biggest business here is Walmart. This is a town where everyone looks out for one another, after the election the winning candidates posted thank you signs on there campaign signs. Of course there is crime here, but very minimal. 

Tonight tragedy struck when a prisoner escaped from the local jail. This man is accused of murder but has not yet went to trial. Being that I live very close to the jail I was checking social media updates like a mad woman. It warmed by heart to see everyone sharing and posting to warn the other members of the community about the incident. As we all sit inside with our windows and doors locked we can hear the search helicopter flying above.

This is pretty normal in the cities but not here. There is a uneasy feeling in the pits of our stomach as we wait for his capture. The police are out in full force with the citizens praying for their safety.

As the night continues I can’t help but to think about how thankful I am for my small town. It’s not perfect and has many fault. I complain a lot when I have to drive  hours to go to a shopping mall, or complain about the potholes in the road, and barely any activities to do here. Tonight however I am thankful that when tragedy strikes the community comes together and unites as one. 

I will go to bed and pray that the town I live in stays the same. I hope my sons get to continue growing up in a place like this. A place where everyone looks out for one another and the biggest crime is usually theft. Even if Walmart is our biggest store, I will take the feeling of comfort over all the rest any day. 

The fugitive is still on the loose but with our officers giving it their all and the community standing behind them, I am feeling pretty positive that he will be caught in no time. Prayers for all communities in hope that we stand together and unite. Together we can make a difference.


2 thoughts on “No Sleep in the Small Town

  1. This is really scary! I also grew up in a small town, but it was also a college town, so we had college students in and out all of the time. Not the same as your area, I am sure, but I know that everyone who was actually FROM the community were close and we stood by each other in good and bad times.

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