Our Not So Perfect, Family Holiday Photo

Just a heads up this is not a guide to the perfect Family Christmas Photo. However, if you are looking for a real moment captured in time then this post may be for you.

Christmas Pajama Picture

Every year I go to Walmart or the Dollar store to buy my box of Christmas cards. I fill them out, address them, and drop them in the mail. I was going through my Christmas box the other day and I found everyone’s Picture Christmas cards. You know the beautiful family photo on a card. I save those because in most cases that is the only photo I get from some families all year long. It excites me to see how much the family has grown from year to year.

I wanted that! I want to personalize Christmas a little more and put some thought into our cards rather than just added our name to a store-bought card. It’s a photo I know we can take every year and be able to share with our loved ones.

Now mind you, my husband hates to have his picture taken. I’m lucky if I get a family photo once a year. My toddler is at the stage where he hates sitting still. So why make everyone feel miserable getting all dressed up and poked and posed for the perfect family photo. I want to keep it semiΒ real. I want our real expressions captured and most of all I want it to be fun.

I thought it would be perfect to do our Christmas photoshoot in the comfort at home in our pajamas! From my previous post you all know how much we love our pajamas. I would like one photo of all of us smiling and sitting still but this year I’m open to let the unexpected, crazy expressions, and most of all real moments to be captured.

I just ordered our Christmas cards from Walmart, and I have never been more excited to go pick them up.

Christmas Pajama Photo

Christmas Pajama Photo

Christmas Pajama PictureChristmas Pajama Picture
Christmas Pajama Picture

Our Not So Perfect, Family Holiday Photo
If I can share anything with you, I want it to be, remember to let loose and have a little fun. These are the moments that you and your family are going to remember. Make the best of what you’re doing and most of all make it fun.

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52 thoughts on “Our Not So Perfect, Family Holiday Photo

  1. I love “not so perfect” pictures with kids. They capture the reality of taking photos with your children and often turn out way cuter than what you intended:)


  2. I think your family photos turned out awesome! You’re so right it is not about having the PERFECT photo. Let’s start showing some genuine and REAL moments for Christmas this year!


  3. They are awesome! My husband hates photos to. The ones I look good in, he looks bad in and vice versa. We gave up a few years ago on getting the best picture. So far they have been good photos since we stopped caring about getting the perfect photo.


  4. For the record, I LOVE your family photos! You’ll treasure them so much more than professional ones that made everyone unhappy while they were bribed to smile. πŸ˜‰


  5. I wanted to do the Christmas picture card ourselves last year but by the time we decided to do it and got a picture we liked (out in the bush, all dressed for winter) we weren’t able to get them printed in time to send out. So I’m going to take this as a reminder to do it sooner this year! It’ll be Hubby, our daughter Doll, and me with a big ‘ol belly (I’m thinking of sewing a little baby outfit on the front of my shirt for the picture, what do you think?). I’m all for the natural pose pictures! … I don’t know how to do any other kind . . .


  6. I think your pictures look great! Love the pajama idea too. So this whole thing reminds me that I need to get our cards done, lol…..adding to the list. Of course, I need to find one where all our eyes are open.


  7. They came out great. I really want to get a set of matching pajamas and take some too. I’m sure your friends and family are going to love them.


  8. OOOH I love the PJ photo look! So cute and relaxed. And yes, sometimes not perfect is even more fun. Just, well, more lighting? And ooh lookie there’s my post link πŸ™‚


  9. I love your pictures! I take a picture every Christmas morning surrounded by my boys all in our PJs. Every year it gets harder and harder to get everyone on my lap and to look or smile at the same time. They are definitely not perfect, but those are the best ones for sure.


  10. That is wonderful! I love your closing paragraph! “If I can share anything with you, I want it to be, remember to let loose and have a little fun. These are the moments that you and your family are going to remember. Make the best of what your doing and most of all make it fun.” Great advice for all areas of our lives.

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  11. It’s so hard to get good photos of everyone and I love that you posted these! I have 2 little ones this year too πŸ™‚ We probably had 1,000 photos taken of us to get ONE half decent one for our holiday card! When will it get easier??


  12. love this! I’m all about the real life photos! i’d love to have those photos where everyone looks just perfect but i have no clue how these people do it! if i get a picture with my whole family in it I’m happy at this point. lol


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