Teething Trouble & How Mom Can Help


I want to talk a bit about baby and toddler teething. If I can save any parent from the heartache I feel, than this post is worth every minute. The last few days my toddler has been acting out, way more than normal. He didn’t seem sick to me so I assumed it was unnecessary tantrums and a lot of them!

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After correcting him and punishing him, I soon realized his molars were coming in and they were bothering him. Once I realized what was going on I could have crawled under a rock. I feel like the worst mother in the world for punishing my child and not realizing the pain he was in. All I can do now is help him. If the signs are not present and your child is at the teething age, take a look in his or her mouth. That’s what my husband and I finally did and we noticed his molars peeking through. When I touched his gum and he jerked in pain, I knew this was the problem.

Please note I have no medical training, I am just sharing some tips and products that have helped my children. I recommend discussing any medicines with your family physician before use

Infant’s Tylenol helps out tremendously. However it doesn’t work all the time. I also do not like giving my children Tylenol very often. Only when I see that it is necessary.

A Wet Wash Cloth or Teething Ring– Instead of letting my kiddo chew on his fingers, I usually give him a wet wash cloth or teething ring to chew on. He is now a toddler and has a mouth full of teeth, so I don’t feel comfortable letting him chew on the teething ring with the gel inside. My worst fear is that he will bite through and the gel will leak out into his mouth.
Baby Orajel– I used to use Baby Orajel on my son when he was teething  as a baby. Now I have read a lot about Orajel is not recommend because it numbs the baby’s gums and also  their throats. My dentist also did not recommend Baby Orajel. However, if absolutely nothing else works to help relieve his pain, I use the smallest amount possible on his gums to try to give him a little relief.

Teething Tablets have worked the best for us. They dissolve in your child’s mouth. Within ten minutes after administering , it seems like he has no pain which tends to last for hours. On a bad note, I ran to get him some last night and every single store I went to was sold out. This is where the other products and home remedies come into play.

Cheetos, that’s right and your probably laughing at me right now. After my kid woke up for the third time screaming I gave him Cheetos. I was hoping this would distract the pain. Crazy enough, chewing on the Cheetos seemed to massage his gums and helped relaxed the swollen area, who knew? After his 4th Cheetos he cuddled up in my arms and went back to sleep.

Most of all, the best remedy is A Mothers LOVE. Cuddle your child and let them know that you are doing everything you can. Sometimes the pain doesn’t go away but you can let them feel your comfort. Hug them, Love them and let them know it will soon all be ok.

I’m aware that there are many options out there for teething, and tons of home remedies. I’m mainly just trying to spread the word, don’t assume. I didn’t see any signs of my sons teething, besides crying, until after we checked his mouth. I assumed that his actions were part of a toddler stage and now I’m kicking myself for not realizing what the problem really was. If your kid is at the age, it doesn’t hurt to check them out. I’m still learning everyday, but I hope I can save another mother from heartache.

Please remember I do not try all of these products or remedies at once. Some days one product will work better than the other. You just have to see what works at the time and use your best judgement. Make sure you use recommended doses and if all else fails or you feel more comfortable, contact your family physician or a dentists.


18 thoughts on “Teething Trouble & How Mom Can Help

  1. I SOOO don’t miss the teething days, lol! We sure went through our fair share of baby Tylenol. Now we use it for major muscle pain for our lil’ gymnast on particularly rough days. Good advice!


  2. Oh those infamous molars. When my kids were teething they had all that crazy drool, as well! This is a great post and my favorite part where you said not to assume on a child’s behavior. There is always an underlying issue (imo) to disruptions in their mood. You gave great tips and great advice.


    1. Thank you Candy! I really hope this post can help someone, teething is a horrible time for both child and parents. There is usually an underlying issues 90% of the time. At least with my children.


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