Spread Your Holiday Cheer

Its almost Christmas, and I’m sure your excited as I am. You’ve read all the shopping guides. Maybe you are finished with your Christmas shopping or your almost complete, now what? Have you had the chance to give alittle back this year? I want to share some ideas with you, that you can help spread some joy this holiday season. To me, this is one of the true meanings of the holidays.img_1982

  • Picking an Angel off of the Angel Tree. Incase your not sure what this is, Salvation Army host the angel tree. Many business such as WalMart will have a tree located at the front of their store. On the tree is construction paper angels, green & red. On the paper angel is a child’s name, clothing and shoe size, and a toy they would love to have. Its organized to help families in need during the Christmas season. You will pick an angel and then buy the child some things off of the list; such as clothes, socks, a coat, shoes and then a toy. Once completed, you turn in your gifts to the service desk, along with the angel that you’ve adopted. My family tries to adopt an angel every year. Its hard to imagine any child going without a Christmas.


  • I’ve seen this happening a lot on my social media and its where the person in front, pays for food, for the car behind them. It may be for a cup of coffee or a whole meal. This warms my heart. You don’t know how many times people are counting out change just to pick up a quick meal. By paying for their food, you’ve just enlightened their whole day. If this happens to you, which I hope it does, don’t forget to pay it forward and pass it along one day, when you have a few extra dollars  to spare.


  • Take a gift basket of animal treats and toys to your local animal shelter. Animal Shelters do amazing things. I know the one in my town is a non profit animal shelter, so donations are very important. It makes me cry to think of the animals locked in cages and especially during the holidays. I’m sure they would really enjoy a treat or a new toy.


  • Make Christmas cards and pass out at the nursing home. I used to do this when I was a child and I loved it. We would make our own Christmas cards and go to the nursing home to pass them out. You could not imagine how much joy this brings to the residents. We really enjoyed talking with them and singing carols while we were there.

  • Take a neighbor a fruit basket. Almost everyone loves fruit, so you cant go wrong with this gift. Its a nice feeling to know that your neighbors care. You live beside each other, so its nice to look out for each other as well.


  • Volunteer to ring the bell for Salvation Army. I actually participated in this and I loved it. There’s no better feeling than knowing that you are helping someone in need. You normally sign up to ring the bell for one hour in front of a store. Do you have one hour? Imagine how many families you will be helping by ringing a bell.


  • Bring an extra coffee to work for someone. Do you bring your own coffee to work, could you bring two? Maybe someone is running late and didn’t have a chance to stop and get their coffee, that’s right you just made their day. Maybe one day when you are running late, you will show up to work with a coffee waiting on your desk.


  • Shovel your neighbors sidewalk. I love this one. I have an elderly neighbor and I don’t want her to go out into the cold weather. We are planning to shovel her sidewalk all winter long. You have to shovel your own anyways, why not take a few extra minutes and help someone in need.


  • Donate your old coats, gloves and hats to a local Shelter.


  • Take your extra Christmas candy into work and share with your co workers.

This is a perfect time to teach your children how to get involved and ways they can help. Let them help you make Christmas cards for the nursing home. I’m sure while your dropping off your treat basket at the animal shelter your kiddos would love to visit the animals. While your shoveling your neighbors sidewalk, let your child visit with them (if you know them personally of coarse).

Let me hear your ideas on ways you share the holiday cheer?


32 thoughts on “Spread Your Holiday Cheer

  1. OMG I just LOVE this! This is no lie, one of my favorite blogs i’ve ever read. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it. Blessings to you and your family this Christmas and have a wonderful 2017!


  2. I LOVE these ideas! It’s so important to teach the kids to get involved and pay attention to the needs to those around. And not just needs, but like you mentioned paying for the people behind you in line and such. It really has the power to make someone’s day. You never know what they’re going through.


  3. I really like your idea of the gift basket for the animals. My kids could really get into this one as it will help them see that even animals need our help sometimes too! And hopefully we don’t come home with a new animal 😛


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