Children’s Birthday Party Themes

Children's Birthday Party ThemesWhen my oldest son was born, I was a clueless, first time mother. I was a full-time worker turned into a stay at home mom practically overnight. My first week at home, I joined a Facebook group for mothers whose babies were born within a certain month.

I was mainly looking for advice. Little to my knowledge, I ended up getting to know some really awesome women. Over the last two years of sharing stories and advice, I have grown to really love these ladies. As a tribute to our little ones’ birthdays, I want to share some awesome birthday party ideas that these mothers came up with. Enjoy!

Harper’s “Two” dles By: Victoria Qualls

Minnie Mouse Party

Minnie Mouse PartyMinnie Mouse Party“Ninja Turtles” By: Brittney Simons

Ninja Turtles Party

This cake was made by Gillian Reed @ Gilliebeans Cakes, Her Prices are Inclusive* Ninja Turtles Party

“Minion Theme” By: Crystal Carpenter

Minion PartyMinion Party

“Rustic Winnie The Pooh Picnic” By Renee Williams


Winnie the Pooh Party

Winnie the Pooh Party

Winnie The Pooh Party

Her Party Favors included: A Dollar Tree Coloring book, 8 pack of crayons, along with the little tag she made to go along with the themeWinnie the Pooh PartyWinnie the Pooh Party

 “The Little Prince” (Inspired from the movie and book) By Sandy SilberThe Little Prince Party

The Little Prince PartyThe Little Prince Party

The Little Prince PartyThe Little Prince PartyThe Little Prince PartyFor the adult party favors she had made “The Rose” for Christmas Ornaments.

“Monster Truck Theme”- Stacy Taylor

Monster Truck Party

The trees were made by turning ice cream cones upside down then adding icing. The grass is green colored chocolate shavings, the rocks are Rollo’s, and the dirt road was made using an Oreo pie crust.

Monster Truck PartyMonster Truck PartyMonster Truck PartyIf you are in this Facebook group and want your child’s birthday party themes displayed just message me and I would be happy to add them. Thanks for sharing ladies!!




22 thoughts on “Children’s Birthday Party Themes

  1. These are all so cute. I really love themed kids parties, but I’m always so terrible about actually doing it. We almost always end up with a cool themed cake and that’s about it. I really need to try harder for my daughter’s,4th coming up in March. She’s asking for rapunzel…lol


  2. These are such cute ideas! I especially like the minion 😀 OK, true confession….I stink at organizing parties! Even though my kids are older I know they’d love some special things like these.


  3. Great ideas! My daughter wanted a chocolate party for her third birthday. Smart girl, right? I think Frozen would have been easier!


  4. These are adorable!! I went nuts with my son’s first birthday and bought a ton of stuff that ended up looking like Party City just threw up in our home. haha I want to hone in on one theme this time! The ninja turtle one might be the one!! His birthday is in February 🙂 Love the idea with the watermelon! These are wonderful, thank you for sharing!


    1. Haha!!! I did the same thing on my sons first birthday. Well there is a blog post about it, so you can actually see lol. Thanks so much, I’m sure your son will love the Ninja Turtles.


  5. wow!! this is an awesome post! I have had my fair share of parties!! We have done so far jungle theme, princess theme, snowwhite theme, and cars theme and ofcourse frozen! all the parties on my blog! And yes I am itching for a gorgeous minion party!!


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