Finding Your Family’s Companion

My husband and I have been talking about getting a dog to welcome into our family . We have a Poodle/Chihuahua mix dog named Chevy. Chevy is starting to grow old so he loves to lay around . Grumpiness is also coming with old age and he doesn’t like to be bothered very much. He gets easily annoyed from the constant noise and energy levels of our children.

Bringing a new puppy into the home would give Chevy a brother and the boys a playmate. We love the idea of the puppy and our children growing up together.  Not only is the puppy for play but we really think the puppy will help teach responsibility and companionship.

We have decided to go with a German Shepard. Here are the reasons why we chose this breed.

German Shepards are familiar to my family. My family and I raised two throughout my childhood.

Having a large size dog gives you a sense of security. They look stern and intimidating.

German Shepard’s energy levels are amazing, ranging from very hyper to laid back. We’re very confident this dog will be able to actively keep up with the kids and relax with them when needed.

They are very intelligent and loyal.

We have a lot of love to share with a new puppy. After moving into our new home we also have a huge fenced in yard for the puppy to play. As great as this all sounds though, I also have some doubts.

I have two children in diapers and I will be potty training a dog.

My house is child safety proofed but not puppy proof. I’m sure a lot of our stuff will be torn up and chewed on .

Excessive Shedding always comes with a long haired dog. 

Overall the good out weighs the bad. If we can make it through potty training a toddler and puppy then everything should be uphill from there. Today we went and picked out our puppy and in 3 weeks we can bring Sammy home.

Did you get your little ones a puppy to grow up with? I would love to hear your thoughts on this!


13 thoughts on “Finding Your Family’s Companion

  1. My sister has a german shepherd, they are amazing dogs! I currently have a pitt mix and we are looking to add a doberman to our family


  2. I really want to get my children a Dog to grow up with. I had one and I had so many memories with that dog. He would lay on my bed and never leave me if I was sick. I felt so loved growing up by my dog.


  3. My kids would LOVE to have a dog, but I just don’t have enough time right now, plus we travel in the spring. One day, though, I think a dog would be a great addition to our family. Have fun!!!


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