I’m a Selfish Mom, with Good Reason 

If you are a mother than you know criticism can be brutal. It’s everywhere, you can’t leave the comfort of your home without being criticized.

As you may see me and my kids for a brief moment and judge me as a mom, please understand I’m pretty sure I know what I’m doing.

I pull in the store parking lot and my baby is screaming. You see me just looking ahead, not in panic, and not in concern. I’m sure your wondering what is wrong with her. However, I know my child hates the car seat. He will be happy as can be until I sit him in the car seat. Yes he strapped properly, and no nothing is pinching him. He is just used to mommas touch. I have to get groceries and I have to get supplies, therefore I know for the short amount of time that he is crying, he is ok!

As I sit and enjoy an ice cream cone at the parlor you see my child not eating one with me. Is she selfish? Why is she just eating that in front of him? I know my child dislikes ice cream. He would rather eat fruits and veggies. I want to enjoy a cone every now and then. Trust me, he eats all the time and usually anything he wants because he is a healthy eater. Am I selfish for enjoying my cone, maybe?

My kid screams when we go past the toy isle. You look at me like I am a monster for not stopping to amuse my son. However I know he gets toys all the time. I don’t want him to expect toys everytime we go somewhere. So I don’t think he should be tortured by going through the toy isle. Selfish?

My point I’m making is 95% of the time, mothers pretty much know what they are doing. They have a reason for their madness. Don’t be so quick to judge and try to understand where they are coming from. I know I’m guilty of this as well but after a toddler and a baby, I know I have became more understanding to my surroundings.

This topic touches so close to home for many mothers, what’s your input and advice?


11 thoughts on “I’m a Selfish Mom, with Good Reason 

  1. Yessss.
    My son is 2.5 and realllllly good at tantrums. It’s cold out. His coat is tucked under my arms and he’s crying. Why? Because he’s refusing to put it on. I won’t let him freeze, I promise.


  2. Love this! We all know our kids best. I hate when I can feel the judging eyes on me when I’m with my kids in public. It makes me want to remain introverted but I know my toddler thrives on going out places. I just have to keep telling myself that I know my kids and their opinions don’t matter.
    And as far as enjoying treats without sharing with the little ones, I wait till naptime or bed time to eat them so i don’t have to share. Maybe that makes me selfish but my two year old doesn’t need any extra energy!


    1. Thanks for your feedback, it’s nice to know I’m not alone lol. We do stay home a lot but I know my kids love going out too. Your absolutely right when you say their opinions don’t matter, I just hope to spread awareness on being open minded and looking at a situation from a different point of view. It took me two years to do this myself! I wait until after bedtime a lot too, sugar and my kiddo doesn’t mix well. Thanks so much Cheri.


  3. I LOVE this. I was actually told by a family member that I am selfish for wanting to go back to work and not be a stay at home mom full time… I have a Master’s Degree and I would really like to put it to use and not waste the money I spent getting my degree. Does it make me selfish that I want to work to show my children that they can do anything they want to do in life…. Maybe, but hey we all live our lives differently 🙂


    1. Good for you, you need to do what makes you happy. Not everyone wants to stay home, and a lot of people just can’t. At least your teaching your children about hard work and reaching goals. They will thank you and I don’t think it’s selfish at all!!

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  4. What a GREAT read – My newest post talked about how when we see a mommy struggling that instead of judging we offer support and encoragement. We have all been there and it seems that it is easy to forget and judge. Thank You for this post, I truly enjoyed reading it!


  5. I totally agree to all these, motherhood truly opens up new things for us. After 2 kids, I am so used with the judgemental stares when my kid are misbehaving. I developed a thick skin and chose to ignore the negativity. I know what Im doing coz i know my kids. Some people are also nice and makes me feel great being a mom. Great post!


    1. Thank you!! I hope that one day I will develop that thick skin, right now I just stare and glare back lol. I have some pretty great kiddos though so I feel like what I’m doing is working well for us. I love the nice people who always offer a helping hand or try to make your child laugh. I wish their were more of those people out there.


  6. This is such a great post!! People look at tiny little snapshots of our lives, and then try to judge our entire effort as mothers based on those few seconds. Everyone has an opinion, and you could be mother theresa, someone would still have something to say. I don’t understand why a woman’s happiness should just go right out the window when she becomes a mother. Thanks for sharing ❤


    1. Thank you Savannah! It’s so easy to judge, but most don’t take the time to walk in another person shoes. We shouldn’t have to explain ourselves and our reasonings but I hope this post can change at least one perspective. Thanks so much for reading.


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