Are Essential Oils A New Trend, or Do They Really Work?

**I received free samples of oils for this review. This is no way influenced by thoughts or opinions, this is an Honest review

I am clueless when it comes to essential oils, but they are in high demand right now. Of coarse I want to know more and why people love them so much. So I went looking for some answers. I have teamed up with an Independent Wellness Advocate, Jessica Wehling to learn more and to share with you my findings.

When I reached out to Jessica, she was more than willing to help. She’s awesome ladies and gentlemen, she brought me a sample pack the next morning, along with booklets to get me started. She said,” Pick a problem you have,let me know and I’ll get you set with an oil to try for it.” I told her pain relief for knees and back, and something to help teething. So she included in my sample pack; deep blue lotion and oils for the pain, Coconut oil incase anything needed diluting, Lavender oil for teething, and lavender spray for my kiddos pillows to help them sleep better at night. Then she went above and beyond and made me a oil blend called balance to help me relax and relieve stress, and also gave me some bath beads that her team and her had made.

I applied the lavender orally to my children, which was recommended for teething. Within the days of application my children did not seem to be bothered by teeth. At night I applied the lavender oil behind their ears and sprayed their pillows. They slept sound most of the night, besides waking up for a feeding. I tried the deep blue on my back and within a half an hour my back pain started easing. Lastly this balance blend is absolutely awesome. My husband and I, both tried it out. We are amazed, we relaxed all evening. Now this may seem easy to do but with 2 little ones running around, relaxing doesn’t come easily. Today was different because we were so calm. Call us crazy but we swear the oils relaxed and calmed us.


So my overall review is yes Essiential Oils are the new trend, and an old one as well. I’ve learned from Jessica that, “Essential Oils are how people from the very beginning healed themselves. They bathed in it to purify themselves, used it for perfumes, and dyes. Even when Jesus was born the wise men brought him Gold, Frankincense (known as the King of Oils), and Myrrh (another essential oil). Pharos of Egypt and Mummification used Essential Oils. Christians today use them in anointing, Wickens and Native Americans burn sage for its aromatic properties and there are so many more instances.” Now do I personally think that they work? Yes I do, I want to learn all there is to know about the oils. I want to start researching more and introducing more of them into our household.

Now that you read my review, I want you to hear from Jessica. I asked her some questions that I felt beginners would want to know.


What 3 oils do you use the most?
Lavender by far is one I use the most. It has multiple purposes and is a must for any body. It’s soothing, comforting, emotionally, physically, and mentally relaxing. It lifts the spirits and is great for healing bumps, scrapes, and ouches. OnGuard (doTERRA’s protective blend) is phenomenal for busting germs and boosting the immune system. It’s great for cleaning the house in a spray bottle or in a gel cap to keep away nasty germs. The 3rd oil we use the most is Deep Blue. We’re a very active family, from pulled muscles, sprains, strains, and over dos. It’s also fantastic for aches and pains of the joints.
Are essiental oils affordable?
Absolutely!! The average prescriptions run in the hundreds, if you don’t have insurance (and sometimes even if you do). What will or won’t the insurance cover? What about generics (less than best)?
With doTERRA each 5ml bottle averages 83 drops, while a 15ml bottle averages 250 drops. Uses vary on recipes and how often used. doTerra has 3 ways of purchasing oils.
  1.   As a retail customer. No hassel no gimmicks. You click on the site to shop (or in person with an advocate that has inventory) and you make your purchases.
  2. As a wholesale customer. There is a $35 sign up fee (just like at Sam’s Club, Costco, ect) which is $25 renewal fee every year (which is reimbursed to you by the company in the form of a free Lavender Oil valued at $28 retail) or if you purchase certain kits that fee is waived. With the wholesale status you save 25% on purchases, there’s no obligation to purchase any certain amounts or even to promote. You can save on shipping and even get free shipping, you can earn free oils by collecting points or even by placing orders by certain days of the month. You have absolute assistance from a wellness advocate as well as doTerra customer support and product information lines so your never alone.
  3. As a wellness advocate. We save 25% and have the same possibilities as a wholesale customer as well as opportunity to earn commission.
Is there a limit on how often you can apply oils? 
The amazing thing about Essential Oils is that, you can not overdose. They’re completely all natural, depending on the company you choose. This is why I chose doTerra. You don’t have to worry about missing a dose, or if you happen to put too much in a spoon and calling poison control or even what it’s doing to the rest of your body. Worse case senerio you apply a ton of the oil, ohh say Lavender for irritability and you smell fantastic, or Bergamot for a headache and mosquitos leave you alone..
If someone has sensitive skin, are oils recommended? 
Essential Oils are safe for everyone. The only thing to remember is people (such as children) who have sensitive skin should use a carrier oil with “Hot” oils. These oils include blends, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Thyme, and others depending on the age and sensitivity. A wellness advocate can help you and there are dilution charts available.
How has essential oils helped you or your family? 
My story is just amazing. We started looking at natural solutions for one of our sons who had experienced a horrendous issue at school and we had to seek professional help for him. He already had certain diagnosis and it made his treatment even harder for him. At the beginning we were informed we needed to consider medication to assist him to deal with the trauma until he could work through it. All the medications offered had serious side effects to include suicidal thoughts (which we were already dealing with as well as aggression) and liver damage or even failure.
These were not an option for us because we knew our son was a happy child and these side effects could destroy him or zombie him out and he’d miss out on life. In my research I came across herbalists, that sounded to good to be true but the shelf life was just too short. The alternative was essential oils. After a few weeks of research and pressure we chose doTerra Balance, Lavender, Vetiver, and a few others to rotate through. The change was instantaneous. He was almost himself again and the therapists were super thrilled and worked closely with us to ensure the stability of his emotions and mental state.
Instead of a zombie or a child asking for pills, he carries his roller bottle in his pocket and uses it when he feels he needs it. In a month and a half he had worked through his problem himself as was ready to be released from treatment. No prescriptions. We were informed some children never overcome this experience and this was the first they had seen (at that facility) overcome it that quickly. After that we were hooked. We have used it for everything from sore throats to emotional days, immune support for the seasons, and even replaced allergy pills; soo much more. It has been a very rewarding experience.
Why do you recommend essential oils?
 I personally recommend essential oils because I have seen what they can do. I have also seen what prescriptions can do. Note: I am not against prescriptions or seeing a Doctor. I recommend seeing your physician about any health problems that you may have. However, an addictive prescription should not be the first option for anything. Neither should a headache medicine that will cause liver and kidney disease or failure, or the pill that makes you happy but could cause you to want to kill yourself or those you love. It is my belief that a more natural way of healing is so much better. Healing our bodies with what has been given to us, not designed by us with artificial compounds that noone truly knows how it will effect everyone (the purpose for trials). Essential Oils have been used throughout history; Ancient Rome, Egypt, England, and even throughout the Bible and cowboy days.

Also, John Hopkins has done some reserch due to one of the scientist’s mom was always sick. It was that time of year for her mom to be sick and she noticed her mom wasn’t sick and her mom was like, “Oh ya I am doing essential oils and I haven’t had any issues.” So her daughter took the oils to the lab and did research and seen that they were 100%  pure.  Then she got other name brand oils and tested them. They came back with fillers and junk. So the daughter was like well doterra might just been that one bottle, call Dr. Hill and ask for more bottles to make sure it was always that way. After many many bottles and different kinds of oils they all tested 100 %. They support doTerra Essential Oils!

Jessica’s Facebook page is Empowered Living I know she would be extremely happy to help you with any questions that you may have. She post educational information, has sessions you can attend, and you can buy from her directly on her page. She truly cares about people and will help you anyway that she can. Her other page is My Doterra.


55 thoughts on “Are Essential Oils A New Trend, or Do They Really Work?

  1. I have been thinking about giving oils a try, but have been skeptical. They are quite expensive and I don’t want to waste my money on something that I’ll use for awhile and then nothing happens and it sits in my cupboard. They need to have like a sample kit for newbies like me!


    1. We absolutely do!! We have a 3 basic oil kit for 20.. it includes Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint. As well as a list of basic uses for each of them! Then we have many kits with many different oils going up from there; to include Family Physician kit (I started with this one because I was much like you.. prove it won’t sit in my cupboard collecting dust!) – Jessi Wehling

      Liked by 1 person

  2. i have to admit i was a skeptic. i have been told for about a year by a few close friends who use essential oils regularly how amazing the benefits are but i didn’t really believe them. i thought they probably helped but could not be as amazing as they said right? well, one friend bought me a diffuser and 1 bottle of breath for Christmas. i am on night 2 and I’m totally eating my words. it really is amazing. i slept so much better. it helped tremendously with my husband snoring. and i am amazed. really. i drifted to sleep so easily. i usually take hours to fall asleep. i am now hooked! i just ordered the starter kit last night with 8 new oils and i can not wait to try those out as well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, that’s awesome!! I’m going to have to check that out, some nights both boys, my husband, and the dog all snore lol. Anything for better sleep, right? I’m glad they are a success for you!!


  3. I’ve heard so much about these but never actually took the time to research. I didn’t realize they had such a diversity of things they could help with! There must be a reason that people are so interested, so I guess I need to pay attention. Goodness knows I have enough ailments 😉


    1. They are really worth checking out. I was very skeptical but I’m so glad I finally just took the plunge. I hate when people say that stuff works and then it doesn’t so these definitely meet the expectations that I’ve heard so much about.


  4. It’s so neat to hear about other people finding the amazing benefits of essential oils. I discovered them several months ago and have found so many wonderful uses for them and they have really changed our lives. Love doTerra also! If you have a minute, you can check out my blog at I have some good info and some neat DIY recipes on there!


  5. I’m definitely an oily mama! Love my oils and would advocate for them to anyone 🙂 my husband and I even use them instead of over-the-counter first aid ointments now because we’ve seen that they work naturally and gently. I haven’t tried this brand but have wondered about them. Thanks for the insight!


  6. This is a super informative post! It’s sometimes hard to sort out whether or not something is just a fad or if there is actual basis behind their popularity. My parents used oils when I was growing up so I believe in them 🙂


  7. I am a fairly new Wellness Advocate and adore my doTERRA essential oils. I use them on my teenage won has post concussion syndrome and for myself. I have a mix of fibromyalgia, lupus, non lethal scleroderma and the oils have worked wonders. Would highly recommend.


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