DIY Valentines Keepsake Decor

I love doing crafts with the kids, especially around holidays. With them being so young, I want keepsakes for when they get older. We had so much fun making this craft. It turned into a painting party in the end but this is ours to treasure. This year I went to the Dollar Tree and bought these two hearts. 

I painted their feet and place them in the hearts.

After letting them dry overnight, I wrote their names and their ages on the hearts.

After the paint dried, I drilled a hole in the bottom of one heart and the top of the other to connect the two together.

This craft was so simple and only cost $2, if you already have the paint. It’s something you can hang on your door or the wall and you can cherish it forever. If they ever want their keepsake, I will simply remove the string connecting the two and it’s theirs to cherish. Hope you enjoy!!


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