The Advantage of your Own Domain Name

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sticky Web Domains, LLC for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a blogger, I work on the internet everyday. My website is very important to me and so is owning my own domain. Are you a business owner, or do you blog for personal reasons or a hobby? If you answered yes then you probably want to own your own domain as well, if you don’t already.

A good webdomain site to check out is  Sticky Web Domains to get your purchase domains. Their website was very easy to navigate for beginners, and the price to purchase a domain name is actually one of the cheapest that I have found. This company has been online since 2007 and they sell internet services and products as well, they are very well established.

If I ever decide to switch domain websites again, I would go with Sticky Web domains. After purchasing a domain you obtain free extras. They offer free domains but if you are serious about blogging or your business then you will want to purchase domain name. You can purchase personal or business plans.

The advantage of is that you get your own email address, you get to access more features, helps branding, gives your credibility, flexibility, and most of all you own it! Lets face it, to make money you need to spend money. Luckily Sticky Web domains are pretty cheap!

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