Uliels, My Baby’s First Memories

*I received a free product for my review, however all opinions are 100% honest and my own. Thanks!!

I’m excited to share with you Uliels, My Keepsake Set. I was extremely impressed when I received this in the mail. This keepsake  comes with everything you need for capturing your babies first memories. Which makes it great for every expecting mother, those with little ones, and perfect for baby shower gifts. Included in the keepsake set is a My Baby Memory Book, 9 inch Picture Frame Box, Hand or Foot Print Mold, and Picture Hanging Frames.

The Baby Memory Book includes pages to write about Mom and Dad, Your Pregnancy Adventure, Baby Shower, Baby Arrival, Baby’s First, Milestones, First Holidays, Birthday Celebrations up to 3 years old, and your child’s first day of kindergarten and preschool. The pages  are beautifully illustrated with lots of room for documentation. The book is neutral in color, so its perfect for baby boys and girls. They also supply you with the tape to add your pictures and extras to the book.

The 9 inch Picture Frame Box is made to hang on the wall or to place on a table. This picture frame is also the box to hold the Memory book, which I thought was pretty awesome. This way you wont leave your Memory book lying around to get misplaced or accidently ruined, it will always be kept safe, displayed nicely.

The hand or foot print mold is safe for all ages, and newborns. They supply you with enough clay to capture one hand print or foot print. I love this clay because its not messy at all. You just flatten it out, place your child hand or foot, and then let the clay sit for a couple days to dry. The clay didn’t leave any residue on my baby, and his handprint showed up very nicely.

The picture hanging frames hold 10 pictures. Included was the colorful frames, clips, and string. These frames would be perfect to display your baby’s photos in his or her nursery. They are cute and I’m pretty sure they will match almost any nursery theme or décor. I’m going to use them also for decorating at my sons 1st birthday party.

My overall honest review of this product is that I highly recommend it. I have nothing negative to say about any of the items in this keepsake set. Everything is durable, high quality, and overall beautiful. I would be honored to buy this for a gift.

Check them out at uliels. If you loved this, then you may also like Uliel’s Ear Muffs Review.


6 thoughts on “Uliels, My Baby’s First Memories

  1. This look like something i could do. I tried the whole scrapbook with my son, but that quickly got old and too time consuming. Thanks for the review!


  2. This looks like a neat way to save your baby’s memories. I have not done a very good job at putting scrapbooks together for my daughter.


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