Why I Chose To Be A WAHM

This post is part of the Work at Home Mom Blog Series Hosted By Becca Day

Being a mom is a job and a hard one at that! It’s not all smiles and laughter all the time and it’s possibly the hardest you’ll ever do. Its a job of stress, sleep deprived, aggravation and guilt. However its also a job of love, peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

Being a mom is not always enough, while some seek further involvement and interaction. Some will go back to work, and others will stay home and start a side job. If you’re a mom that is considering working from home, then this is the series for you!

Over the next month myself and four other wonderful mom bloggers, will take you into our worlds and show you what being a work at home mama is all about. Make sure to go and subscribe to all of the blogs in the series so that you don’t miss a thing!

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Why I Chose To Be A WAHM- NEW SERIES!!

Most women dream of being successful woman. Having a great job, benefits, and a 401k retirement plan. As I hit adulthood my dream was a little different. I always dreamt of being a stay at home mom. I wanted to get married and have a huge family that I took care of. My dream involved dirty diapers, wiping tears, piles of laundry, and cooking 3 meals a day. This is what I wanted so bad, we are talking white picket fence and the works.

When my husband and I first met, we didn’t try to conceive until years later. I was pursuing my education while working dead end job after another. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my jobs but the money and benefits just wasn’t there. When we finally started trying to extend our family, someone else had a different plan. We tried for years. We tried so hard that I basically lost all hope that I would ever have children.

With that in mind, I jumped into the workforce with both feet. I was going to be successful and nothing was going to stop me. I did it to. I honestly was so proud of myself. I gave it everything I had and my devotion paid off. I landed a desk job in Engineering within a great company. I was paid well and I had benefits, also included was weekends and holidays off. The best part about this job was that I actually loved the work. Everyday I was pushed to new limits and I was learning so much. My plan was to retire from this job, it was perfect in every way I could hope for.

After a year, I found out I was pregnant. Although my plans were changing once again, my dreams were coming true. Trying to make everything work, I planned to go back to work after I had the baby. After a lot of discussion and failed attempts we then decided that I would stay home with our child.

I don’t have the white picket fence but my dreams have come true. I absolutely am in love with being able to stay home to take care of my children. I gave up a lot but I have gained a lot more.

I don’t have a 401k plan but I have morning cuddles and lots of kisses. I don’t have weekends and holidays off but I have two pretty amazing boys that I spend every minute with. There isn’t good money staying at home but I love being able to raise my kids with respect, patience, and love.

I’m a WAHM as far as babysitting and blogging. I babysit during the day while my husband is at work. My toddler and the boy I babysit are very close in age. Babysitting gives my son a playmate and he helps with his social interaction. I started blogging to get social interaction for myself. I love my children but a mother needs adult communication also. I get this through blogging. It’s also my go to place when I need to relieve some stress or when I want to relax. I usually blog during my children’s naptime, bedtime, and sometimes an hour or two in the evenings while my husband is home. I also have a side cleaning business. I clean houses some evenings, after my husband gets home from work.  It’s not the work that I had in mind but it works for us. It’s enough to help out and keep me home with my boys.

I’m very thankful for what I’m able to do and most of all, I’m thankful for the mans plan. Someone had something very special in store for me, I just didn’t know it at the time.


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29 thoughts on “Why I Chose To Be A WAHM

    1. They both have their benefits, but if your able to stay home then I recommend it. It’s impossible to replace the years and moments with your children. But everyone has to do what’s best for their families.


  1. Thank you for sharing. It is strange, Since I have started blogging I do feel like it has become my work at home job. I never really thought I would do this. I got a Master’s degree and just haven’t been able to find work in my field, but I am loving being home.


  2. I am a WAHM too. I am lucky in that I set my own hours but it doesn’t mean it isn’t hard! Sometimes I am trying to read an email and the kids are yelling or heaven forbid I try to take a phone call. It is not easy!!


    1. That’s a big plus side is creating your own hours, even though they are created around your kids schedules. Which alone can be pretty hard. It’s definitely not easy. I wish I could record myself some days then just play it in fast mode for my husband to see what my day consist of 😊


  3. I love connecting and reading about other SAHMs…… I remember growing up I wouldn’t understand the concept of moms staying home. It was never a dream of mine….. until I got married and pregnant. It was ALL I wanted…. even today….I have been home for almost 3 years, and I could not imagine being anywhere else. Crazy how my dream changed from working to staying home.


    1. It’s an amazing adventure that I wish every mother could experience at some point. I’m happy you love it. I’m currently going on 2 years and I get anxiety when I just leave to go grocery shopping by myself. I honestly couldn’t imagine going back to work anytime soon either.


  4. I love that it works for you! I love my current part-time schedule though I could definitely see working at home on my blog. It feels like a second job now!


  5. I can totally relate with you! I’ve always dreamed of staying at home and taking care of my family but it would be a struggle for us if only my husband works. If only I could find a job that would allow me to work from home so I can take care of the kids while paying me good money, then I’d gladly do it!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma


    1. I wish you could too Belle. It was hard for us at first. We had to make some financial adjustments and cut out major spending but it’s worth every loss penny. I had to start a few side jobs but it’s what works for us. I hope you find your fit so you can stay home.


  6. I want so badly to be a WAHM! My husand is unable to work so I have to be the one who goes out into the workforce. I would give anything to stay home all day with my daughter Doll and our #2 on the way.


  7. I love this. It gets hard sometimes but the progress we get to make with our kids and the time we get to focus on our families make every bit of the struggle worth it.


  8. The WAH vs. working outside the home vs. SAH decision is such a tough one to make. I too work from home, and definitely appreciate the freedom and flexibility that it gives me to spend time with my little. You’re so right; you can’t get that time back.


  9. Isn’t it so amazing how our dreams and goals seem to morph and grow as we do? Deciding how to spend your most valuable commodity, time, is such a tough question in life. I’m so happy that you have found your balance in life – thanks for sharing! ❤


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