20 Ideas to Have the Perfect Valentines Date

Everyone wants to have the Perfect Date on Valentine’s Day. When you think of it, what’s the first thing you think of?

Does it involve roses, getting dressed up and going for a nice romantic dinner?

20 Ideas to Have the Perfect Valentines DateThat’s what comes to mind when I picture Valentine’s Day. That’s my idea though and my husband humors me so that I can have the perfect day. However, I know that’s not his idea for the perfect date.

Valentine’s Day is a couple’s day; therefore, it should be planned for the both of you. While your spending quality time with your significant other, you should be participating in activities that you both enjoy.

Here’s a list of new activities that you might consider this year. Switch things up, have some fun, and most of all enjoy one another as you spend the day together.

  1. Go out to eat at a nice restaurant.
  2. Go to the theaters and watch a movie.
  3. Go visit a museum.
  4. Participate in an art class.
  5. Go to the gym and workout together.
  6. Go to a theater and watch a play.
  7. Attend a sports event together.
  8. Go to a dealership and test drive your dream car.
  9. Visit a local winery tasting.
  10. Walk thru an aquarium.
  11. Take a tour of a local brewery.
  12. Cook a full course dinner together. (Make cleanup a team job too)
  13. Visit a day spa and get pampered together.
  14. Get in the car and go on a scenic drive.
  15. Spend the day on the couch or in bed and have a Netflix binge.
  16. Walk around the mall together.
  17. Get tickets ahead of time and go to a concert.
  18. Go on a horseback ride to a planned picnic.
  19. Take a ride on a big paddle boat.
  20. Book a nice hotel room for the night and order in room service.

    20 Ideas to Have the Perfect Valentines Date
    Photo Credit: Unsplash

Just remember Valentine’s Day comes once a year. You still have 364 days to share any of these activities with your significant other. Don’t forget to show them all year long how much you truly care.



22 thoughts on “20 Ideas to Have the Perfect Valentines Date

  1. My favorite one is staying in bed and watching Netflix all day! We never get that kid of time together just the two of us! Horsebacking and a picnic sounds like a fun time too! Great tips!


  2. These are some great ideas! We typically stay in and do something at home but i may need to reference these this year. our youngest is definitely old enough now.


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