DIY Tie Dye Birthday Party

What better way to celebrate 50 years of a fabulous life than a Tie Dye Party?? When you’re born in the 60’s than its more fun to celebrate the 60’s. This weekend the family threw a tie dye birthday party for a wonderful woman, my mother in law. She’s a happy, kind hearted woman and she loves tie dye. Her husband worked so hard on this party to make it special, and it turned out amazing.

The party was 60’s costume. So to start off the celebration, we prepared the night before and dyed all of our shirts. I have to say I am pretty proud on the way they turned out. The kiddos weren’t allowed to play with the dye but they had fun watching us and learning the colors.

The cake was made by our local grocery store, deli department. I love how it turned it. We also had bowls filled with cotton candy for dessert.

This board was made based on the world around her, when she was born, the 60’s. We included fun facts, famous TV shows, celebrities born within the same year, and economy prices.

The balloons had lights in them to make them glow. The party favors were glow necklaces and glow sticks. We also made our own centerpieces.

The big hit was our Homemade Photo Booth. We had plenty of props to choose from. The special things about photo booths are all the laughs and special moments that are shared in front of the camera.

Everyone had a great time. Best of all the Birthday girl did too. She had a lot of surprises and a lot of great company. We really enjoyed the Tie Dye theme, it was colorful and fun. My mother in law is a very special lady and we were so excited to be able to share this special day with her.


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