Two Wrongs Made a Right

Marriage is all about working together as a team. However we all have the moments, when we think our way is the right way. At least I know I do, and I’m pretty hard headed too. My husband is also the same. We defiantly have our moments. Sunday was a beautiful and sunny day.It was the first warm day that we have had in awhile. I started off by tackling some inside house work, grocery shopping, and picked up lunch for the family. I really wanted to get some outside work done too. Our leaves in our yard were getting insane. They are now about a foot deep around our fence line to our yard.

I asked my husband to play with the kids so I could rake these leaves. After racking them down into our ditch line, I wanted to burn them. The neighbors were burning leaves earlier that day so the conditions seemed alright to me. My husband said I should wait another day but I kept on insisting. I figured the temperature would drop the next day and so on. He knew I never burnt leaves in my life, so he told me to make a very small pile to start with. Well I added a little more than was recommended. After he seen my pile, he insisted that he would take over while I played with the kids.

I took our kids to the backyard to play on their swing set. Coming from the front of my yard I hear my husband yelling call the fire department. My husband burnt my pile of leaves all right. Our yard instantly ignited into a big ball of flames. The fire spread faster than I could ever imagine. It was heading into the neighbors yard as well. I called 911 and ran to help my husband.

Running through the house I grabbed the bottled baby water and the closest container I could find to fill with water. We threw it on the fire but it was only spreading faster. We had the hose laying there but it wasn’t connected. He was stomping on the fire while I was trying to connect the hose to the faucet. I was in such a panic and shaking that I couldn’t get it twisted on properly. Its hard to get on even when I’m not panicked. So I just held the hose up to the faucet, water spraying everywhere, while my husband held the hose on the fire. When he realized what I was doing, he ran over and connected the hose. Once he connected it, I started spraying while he was stomping on the fire. We were trying to stop it from spreading further into our neighbors yard because she has a forest of plants that would have caught fast.

As we are fire fighting, our neighbor saw what was going on and came over to help. When he started helping my husband, I ran to get the kids inside. They were watching through the fence from the backyard. The smoke was getting so insane that you couldn’t see infront of you. Then two other neighbor boys came over to help as well. Finally the fire department  showed up right as these 4  men were getting it under control.

Now looking back at yesterday, we have talked about everything that we did wrong. For one, I should of took my husbands advice and waited until another day. I also should have listened to my husbands advice and made a little leave pile. My husband admits that he knew better and should have wet the ground first. He also admits that the hose should have been connected before we ever picked up the lighter to start burning the leaves.

We were very lucky that no one got hurt. We learned our lesson when it comes to starting fires and burning leaves. We both were very grateful that we worked together. Neither of us work well under pressure but we were a team fighting this fire. Both of our wrongs turned into a right, once we realized where we had went wrong. Once all said and done, we kept thanking each other for their work.Our yard looks horrible now, and lets just say we wont be burning leaves ever again.


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