The Easy Way to Adminster Liquid Meds to Toddlers

Once again a nasty bug has hit our household. I can’t complain too much because it’s almost been 1 whole year since my child has been sick. It all started Monday afternoon when he woke up from a nap with a high fever. His fever continued into Tuesday morning so I knew it was time to visit the doctor. By Wednesday my 10 month old is sick as well.

After a doctors visit and a trip to the Emergency room, my toddler was prescribed a couple medications to relieve his symptoms. Giving medication to a baby is easy. They open their mouth and you squirt it in. A toddler is a whole different story.

To give my toddler medicine, I will literally have to hold him down and wrestle him. Which is just crazy! We both dread when it’s time for the next dose. Then last night he started spitting it onto the floor. What he couldn’t get out, he started making himself gag until he puked it up. This was a first for us, I couldn’t believe he was capable of this. I know the medicine taste bad but that’s a little extreme.

I’m a determined mother and he will get the medication one way or another, so I called the pharmacist. Its recommended to add the liquid dose of medicine to a small cup of liquid such as water or juice. Just don’t overload the medicine with liquid, this way you know they will drink the full dose. Surprise, he will never know the medicine is in there!! Always double check and make sure that you can do the same with your child’s medication. You can call your pharmacist or your doctor.


Now that we have the medicine doses down, let’s move on to my other job. That’s remembering when to give the medicine. I currently have mom brain. I have two sick kids, medicine out the wazoo, and I’m trying to clean and sanitize the house.

If you take a look at the bottle it’s numbered up the side for the pharmacists. This is so they can dispense the correct amount. You can use this as well, Use these numbers to track the days. Simply draw lines across the back of the bottle and from top to bottom to make a chart. Depending on how frequently the recommended doses are, you can fill in the rest. My son is suppose to take this particular medicine 3 times a day for 10 days. So at the top of the bottle I wrote in AM, Mid, and PM.

Once you have administered the medicine, check it off. This has saved me and helped out tremendously. I am currently keeping track of Tylenol and Motrin every 4 hours for both boys on top of these meds. So keeping track  of the next dose was pretty hard to do. I Hope this help. If your reading this because you have sick children then I’m sorry. I hope your kids get well soon and hang in there!! This too shall pass and they need your cuddles.


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