5 Tips for SAHMs When Sick Days Don’t Exist

What? Yes it’s true. Stay at home mothers don’t take sick days. The bug hit my household last week and both of my kids were sick. I thought somehow I got lucky and it missed me. Until I woke up this morning sick. I wanted to beg my husband to stay home from work and take care of the kids. Maybe get a bowl of chicken noodle soup in bed. However I know that wasn’t going to happen.

All I wanted to do today was take some medicine, curl up in bed, and sleep all day. Then my 10 month old rolled over and demanded his food right away by screaming in my ear. Followed by my toddler who was up and atom and wanted to play. So there is was, my non existent sick day.

I wish I could take the kids to a sitter today but they don’t have one. They have never been to daycare so that was not in my cards. I’m sure SAHMs can relate. It’s your children and you for most of the day, all day, everyday. Of coarse you don’t mind this, you love it. That is until you are sick. So you just have to suck it up and continue.

If you start feeling yourself slowly getting sick, get prepared while you have help. Such as before bed, while your significant other is home. My kids are little, so they depend on me 24/7 from diapers, bottles, food, and mobility. If your children are older than you have a little more freedom to relax and rest. Preparing for your non existent sick day can be your lifesaver when you feel like you have been hit by a truck and it backed up and hit you again.

Make a food plan the night before and prepare the food. Prepare snacks for the day. Also plan a quick and easy breakfast and lunch. Have the food ready to pull out of the refrigerator on request. Sandwiches or leftovers that can quickly be heated will help tremendously also. When all else fails resort to cereal, pop tarts, and  a P&B Sandwich.

Use paper products. The last thing you want to do is wash dishes when your sick. Using paper products all day will prevent you from doing dishes. Use  your normal dish duty time, to relax instead.

Letting the kids watch television and Encouraging self play is ok. All the other activities can wait until another day when you are feeling better.

Unless you have somewhere to go I suggest everyone having a pajama day. The less laundry to add to your pile the better.

Skip the dinner prepping. Use this time to rest instead. If you can, add take out or delivery to the menu. Or you can always wait and let your significant other plan the dinner that night.

I have sympathy for mothers who don’t have help when their sick. Also for the daddy’s too!  Your body aches, your tired, and all you want to do is relax. However you have children that depend on you to give it your all. Just know that everthing your doing is appreciated and your struggles will soon pass. Be the super woman you know how to be, push through, and may you feel better tomorrow. Take care!!


4 thoughts on “5 Tips for SAHMs When Sick Days Don’t Exist

  1. You poor thing! Love those tips about using paper plates for the duration of the illness, having a pajama day and planning for take out… sometimes the simplest things can take the pressure off! Hope you feel better soon.


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