KidloLand App Review

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My son and I had the privilege of reviewing the app, KidloLand. My son is 2 years old and this app is perfect for his age. KidloLand includes Nursery Rhymes, Phonics, Games, and Activities.

 Sections Within the App

The Nursery Rhymes section includes 25 different packs of nursery rhymes. Each pack has 4 nursery rhymes each, totaling 98-100 rhymes that your child chose from. Each Rhyme is animated in different places when your child touches the screen.

The Stories section has 5 different story modes for your child to chose from. Once they pick their selection, then each section has numerous stories to chose from. They can chose whether they would prefer the app to read it to them or if they would like to read it themselves. Each story is animated in different places when your child touches the screen.

“Learning about the Trucks is my Toddlers favorite.”

The Phonics and ABCD Songs are wonderful. The Phonics section goes into detail with every letter of the alphabet. Each letter plays a song with words associated to the letter. The ABCD Songs is the alphabet song. This section also plays songs with each letter and words associated with each letter.

The Games section has games about learning. Which includes puzzles, motor skills, coloring, and so much more! They’re games that my 2 year old can actually play, and he enjoys them. I’m truly amazed on how well he did with these.

The Activities section includes activities to learn shapes, colors, hand and eye coordination, and so much more! These activities make learning fun, I enjoyed playing these with my son. Watching him learn is just amazing and they are teaching him so much.

Other sections within the KidloLand  App include Dinos, Old MacDonald’s Songs, Trucks, Vehichles, Animals, Fruit, Row Your Boat, Animal Sounds, Birds, Vegetables, Insects, Shapes, Lullabies, Water Animals, Days of the Week, Months of the year, Numbers 1-100, Colors, and Christmas Songs.

 “We both absolutely love KidloLand. It’s amazing how much my son has learned in such a short amount of time.”

My toddlers review of this app is a thumbs up. He absolutely loves it. Several times a day, he will bring me the tablet and say star. The star is the KidloLand icon. As soon as I turn on the app he will jump on the couch. He will sit anxiously until I hand him the tablet. He knows how to work the whole entire app. He can scroll through and pick what he wants to see and do next. He actually showed me stuff that I didn’t know was on the app. Such as the trucks section that he is now obsessed with. He defiantly recommends this app. He was even sharing it with his play date.

The app is very colorful with high quality illustrations. My toddler would sit and play with this app for hours if I’d let him. The only recommendation I have for parents is, when you download this app make sure you download all the extras first before introducing to your little one. I made the mistake of showing my son right away. He didn’t have patience to wait for me to download a new pack. The downloads are extremely fast but he was just so excited to play that he couldn’t wait. We both absolutely love KidloLand. It’s amazing how much my son has learned in such a short amount of time.

If your interested in learning about this app and downloading it, please visit:


Google Play Store

Amazon App Store


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  1. It can be so hard to find apps for toddlers and early preschoolers! This sounds like a great option for families with kids in that age group. Thanks for the inside scoop!


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