Spring Cleaning with Keepy App


With Spring just around the corner, I’ve been trying to get my house clean and organized. A big problem I had, was all of my memory keepsakes. My son loves to paint, therefore I have his paintings all over my refrigerator, in the filing cabinet, and in random places lying around the house. I also have stacks of family pictures that I printed to relieve some space off of my phone. Recently I came across the Keepy App. This app allows me to organize and save all of my sons projects, and our photos in one place. The great thing about this app is I can privately share my memories with love ones as well.

Disclosure: **I have received compensation in exchange for my honest review. However all thought and opinions are my own. Thanks!

Create Memory Timelines for Each Child

 I was able to create a timeline for each of my children. Once you open the app, tap on the icon that says, “Everyone” in the left corner. Then, all you do it tap on the +add option to add each child.

Privately Share Your Memories

My favorite feature about the Keepy app is that I can share my memories privately with our family. There’s some special memories that I would love to share without uploading the pictures onto social media. Adding a love one to the app is so easy. Click on the gear at the bottom of the right hand corner of the screen. Next you will tap on the icon “fans”. The app asks, who would love to get updates of your kids? Once you tap on the person that you would like to add, you can then add them simply from your phones contacts or just by entering their email.

Adding Voice or Video Stories

The Keepy App allows you to add voice and video to your memories. I’m able to tell about each memory in detail by voice by tapping on the green headphones icon. When my son starts talking more, I will add his voice along with his pictures. Then we can cherish them together as he grows older. Its nice to share memories with voice and video with their grandmothers. They can feel included in every memory that we are sharing together.

Voice, Video, and Text Comments

After our family views our captured moments that we’ve shared with them, they can interact with us. They can leave voice, video, and text comments on each photo or video. They can simply tap the comment icon at the bottom, left of the screen. They will then have the option to choose video, voice, or text.

Storing Everything in one Safe Place

The app is perfect for storing all of your family’s photos, videos, and artwork in one safe place. Last week I was using multiple apps to store everything. This week, I’m spring cleaning my phone and house by storing everything in one place, Keepy App.

Keepy Store

Now if this app isn’t amazing already, theres even more! Keepy App has a store to purchase any of your  memories and creations. By tapping on the gear at the bottom of the right screen, this menu will appear. The store is the purple icon. Its so easy to order and it only takes minutes to complete the whole process. I purchased 2 canvas prints with each of my children, and a coffee mug that includes our whole family.

My Honest Opinion

The Keepy App is by far, one of my favorite apps. I was able to delete 3 apps from my phone that I used daily, just to accomplish everything that I can now do on Keepy. I’m also able to free up tons of space by moving all of my photos to this app. When I’m ready, I can print them from the Keepy Store so I can add them to our family album at home. The best part about this app, is I’m able to share with our family and friends privately. I couldn’t imagine life without this app now. I definatly recommend the Keepy App. You can check out the website Keepy.me

The Keepy App is available on IOS and android. You can download this app here:  IOS  and Android


32 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning with Keepy App

  1. This is really neat! My kids are constantly making new things and I’m running out of space to store them! It’s cool that you can have your memories made into keepsakes. I really like that it has a sharing feature as well. This may be the answer to my storage needs. I definitely need to check it out!


  2. I have two bins that are overflowing in my basement with my kids artwork and I am way behind on family photo albums. This may help with both areas. Thanks for the review.


  3. I have boxful of artworks by my son that I cannot bring to throw out. he is 9 years old and just imagine how much storage space I have used for that. this is a very helpful app I think for all parents who want to keep the memories but don’t have the storage


  4. I have been using the keepy app lately too and really love it! it is great to keep kid’s art but not keep all of the papers.


  5. This is such an awesome idea! I’d never heard of it, but I’m definitely going to check it out for our little girl 🙂


  6. This is exactly what we need for all of the artwork my son brings home from preschool!! We are becoming overrun with construction paper and he’s only in his second year of school!! Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I might need this soon. With baby #2 almost here and Doll at 1yr9m, I certainly will have my hands full and it would be great to unload lots of it onto my phone! Especially since Hubby’s family lives so far away. It would be a great app just for being able to share with them!

    Liked by 1 person

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