Teaching Colors, Counting, and Shapes with St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

My toddler is 2 years old, and learning is his passion. He amazes me everyday. His love for learning always inspires me to teach him more. Logan loves to count past ten and names all of the colors and shapes. Tonight’s crafts were right up his alley. He loved the St. Patrick’s Day theme. These crafts made learning fun. I enjoyed them just as much as Logan.

Teaching Colors with a Skittles and a Rainbow

This craft is very simple and fun. I used construction paper and cut out a rainbow. Since toddlers are semi predictable. I knew I would have a little trouble keeping him from eating all the Skittles. Luck was on his side when purple paper wasn’t in our pack. So we made a deal. He could eat all the purple skittles if he participated without eating the other colors. He agreed and this craft was a huge success.

I put all the Skittles in a pile on the table. Logan placed the colored Skittles on the matching color on the rainbow. We practice colors often, this craft helped us switch things up a bit.


Counting The Pot of Coins

All you’ll need is coins, a pot or hat. My toddler still to this day loves placing objects in his mouth. We don’t count real coins very often for the fear of him swallowing them. These coins were perfect because they are large and hard to fit in the mouth. He enjoyed counting the gold coins as he placed them into the hat. When he was finished, he would dump them out and count them again.

Learning Shapes with Shamrocks

To prepare for this craft, I cut out all the shapes with green construction paper. I cut out 3 hearts, 3 large circles, and 2 rectangles. I placed the shapes together, showing my son how to make shamrocks. He did the rest. He took the shapes apart and then placed them back together like a puzzle. He would make a shamrock then name me all the different shapes. This craft is fun and great for learning.

These crafts are perfect for young children and toddlers. We really enjoyed sitting down to do these crafts together. I love teaching my kiddo new things. He loves learning just as much. I really cherish the times when we make learning fun. I love to see his little mind at work and the joy it brings to us both.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Taylor411.


6 thoughts on “Teaching Colors, Counting, and Shapes with St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

  1. My middle daughter is 2, and she would totally find this fun! I don’t know how much cooperation she’ll want to give-up especially with skittles starting at her. LOL but definitely a fun activity for learning! Thanks for sharing.


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