A Mother’s Logic, Motivating a Sibling Bond

Back in October I wrote a post about the sibling bond.The Sibling Bond, How young is too young? At the time my toddler was 22 months and my baby was 6 months old. I was worried that the sibling bond just wasn’t there. My toddler was still a baby when my youngest was born. He was used to having all the attention. Which we were very afraid that he would get jealous of the baby.

The update 5 months later is a complete success. A sibling bond is truly amazing. My fabulous followers gave me advice at the time. Which was, give it time and the bond will form itself. I thank you all for that advice. Your advice helped me cope with my motherly feelings. Time really does play a huge part in the bonding process. I know the more time that goes by, the stronger the bond will grow. Besides waiting, my husband and I tried some alternatives as well.

Here’s a few alternatives that we have been working on in our household.

  • We taught our child that being an older brother is awesome! He is teaching the baby new things, and we will point them out. We will also point out every time he makes his brother laugh. Now that is his favorite thing to do. He loves making him laugh.
  • We are constantly telling my toddler that the baby is his play mate. He needs to know that sharing his toys with his brother is important. He now loves playing with the baby. He is sharing his toys every day . He usually steals them back, but that’s a work in progress.
  • We let my toddler help with the baby. At first, we would let him help with feeding and simple tasks. He also started helping out on his own too. He will  hand him his pacifier or bottle when the baby drops it. He will also try to put socks on the baby and cover him with blankets.
  • I always asks my toddler to show the baby affection. Whether its waving goodbye, saying goodnight, a kiss, a huge, or saying love you. He now hugs and kisses the baby out of the blue. He also comforts the baby when he cries.

The more they are together, the stronger the bond forms. I know these alternatives did not bring them closer together. However these are emotions and tasks that we must teach our children. I feel the alternatives did help out in this process.

With all that being said, toddlers will still act their age. I have to pay close attention to the both of them. My toddler will try to help when its not necessary. By not necessary, I mean he will try to feed the baby food he can’t have, give him things he can’t play with, or grab his hand to walk  him.

However, I’m excited to see what the future holds for these two. They are growing so fast. My toddler is starting to talk all the time. Meanwhile my baby is starting to walk. No matter what goes on in their life, I hope they will stick by each other. A mother’s hope is that her children love and protect one another. I have a feeling these two will always share an amazing brotherly bond.

You know I always love to hear from you! What are some special things that your children do together?


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