Parenting in Joyful Chaos


Motherhood is an amazing journey, which I cherish most in life. Raising two children under the ages of two is an adventure all in itself. There’s great times and a lot of not so great times. Every day there’s something new. You can never expect everything to be perfect. Trust me, it’s far from it. However, you just have to make the best of every situation, while creating the best memories. The two years will fly by quickly and then you’re wishing you could turn back the clock. Parenting is the most important job you will ever do. You are raising tiny humans. It’s the most rewarding job as well.

Parenting isn’t rainbows and sunshine all the time. If so, then I’ve missed the memo. In fact, parenting is joyful chaos. Every day you experience different emotions. Some of these emotions you never knew existed. It’s fun, exciting, messy, and chaotic. Every day is different, but all together it’s joyful. Experience our adventure of parenting in joyful chaos.

In this book, I share my story of raising two boys under the age of two. Throughout my motherhood journey I have discovered things that work best for us, and things that don’t work at all. You will hear how my husband and I made our situations work and how you can too! I share with you daily solutions, and helpful tips to make home life a little easier. Included in this book, is advice on how to maintain a healthy balance in your home. Also included are ways to maintain a positive attitude along with good self-esteem.


Parenting in Joyful Chaos

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Start of the New Beginning

Chapter 2: Introducing New Life

Chapter 3: Managing the Sickness

Chapter 4: Raising Two Boys under Two

Chapter 5: Life in Chaos

Chapter 6: The Happy Days

Chapter 7: I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Author Bio

This book is currently sold on Amazon. Parenting in Joyful Chaos is Kindle Edition for $4.99 and Paperback for $6.99. However if you have kindle unlimited then you can borrow this book for free!

About The Author

Meet The Author

Stacy is a content creator and founder of Taylor411. She is passionate about motherhood and helping others. A devoted wife, and a work at home mother of two young boys. In her free time ,she loves to blog, make crafts, and communicate with others on social media.




28 thoughts on “Parenting in Joyful Chaos

  1. I’m so impressed you wrote a book while raising two under two! You must have been putting in the hours! It sounds like a great read!


  2. Joyful Chaos is right! I have two tiny people too and it’s like eating dinner with the monkeys sometimes. It’s quite the challenge to stay sane and find balance. Your book will help so many mamas!


  3. Congrats on writing the book! I’m a few years out from motherhood but will definitely keep your website as a resource.


  4. I admire your ambition and how you’ve carried through even while raising two young children! I applaud you for your willfulness and determination to put out a book that will allow other moms and families to see the value in family and finding ways to make it work best for their family.


  5. Two boys under the age of 2, I was almost there a 3 year old and a newborn….two boys. It is joyful chaos! I hoping you do well with the success of your book!


  6. I really couldn’t imagine having two under two. My son is 16 months and a tornado. I have a hard enough time keeping up with him. He really never stops its either sleep or run no in between.


    1. I can totally relate Ashley lol. My oldest never stops either. It’s tough having two so young but you find ways to make it work. If you stick to a routine as much as possible, it really does help.


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