DIY Children’s Playhouse Makeover

This week while browsing my local resale shop, I came across this beauty. The store has a Facebook page, so I get to shop from home. Of course, the playhouse looks a little rough around the edges but I knew it had potential. The best thing about this playhouse is that the price tag was $45.00. Therefore, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. My children’s favorite thing to do is play outside. So, I want to place this under our tree for them to play in. They never have enough shade in our yard, so this would be perfect.

So, I purchased the playhouse because you should never let a good item pass you by. If the item is old or outdated then you can simply do a makeover. My husband and I took the kids paint shopping. Which was a lot more fun than it sounds.

*Keep in mind when you’re spray painting plastic that you must buy paint made for plastic.

When I purchased the Playhouse, it wouldn’t fit into my vehicle. Luckily the sales man was nice enough to dissemble this for me.

First I painted each piece with the base color. Two coats of paint are recommended. So, when the sun shines on your Playhouse, you won’t see streaks.

Next, I started painting with the additional colors. The first color was hunter green. I started off by painting the door and the roof.

After cleaning the pieces, I started painting the inside pieces red. My toddler actually picked out this color. It’s amazing how good it matches the tan and green..

After the base coat was fully dry, I taped around the shutters and porch lights. Painting the shutters green and the lights red to add some design.


The last step is assembling your Playhouse once it fully dries.

The end result was a huge success. My kids love their new house. We placed the playhouse under a tree for shade. They will have a nice place to rest when summer is in full effect.


This picture is then before and after. Now we want to hear your thoughts. Do you have before and after pictures to share with us? We want to see!


8 thoughts on “DIY Children’s Playhouse Makeover

  1. So going to be trying this! We got a little playhouse for free from a neighbor (because like you said… you can’t let a good deal go by!), and it could definitely use a little sprucing up. Hopefully I can pick as good a color combo as you did 🙂


    1. You can’t go wrong with a base color of tan. Luckily almost everything looks good with tan. We chose hunter green because we knew it would cover the blue very well. Good luck painting, in sure the end result will be perfect.

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