What You Should Consider, Before Posting Your Life on Social Media

What You 
Should Consider Before Posting
Your Life 
Social Media

The limelight isn’t for everyone and that’s perfectly ok. As a mom blogger, I don’t consider myself in the limelight. I run a tiny little blog that I’m very satisfied with. The truth is though my life is out there for people to read.

When I first started this blog, it was a surprise to everyone. My family and friends had no idea that I was going live. My husband was the only one that I discussed my blog with before I went public. His approval was my only concern. He is in my post, the blog is based around our lives, and these are our children.

I’m going to admit, going public is extremely scary! Especially when it’s your life that you’re talking about. The first thing that runs through your mind is the safety of your family. Which is a major concern. Please do your homework on safety precautions that you can take. Then the concern of who will be my target audience and how many people will actually read my content.

The next questions that tend to arise are the questions of approval. Will people like what I’m blogging about or posting on social media? Am I reaching my target audience, or an audience at all? What do people actually think of what I have to say?

After all the questions, you have to answer to social media. Especially if you are posting on social media. Most likely you will always have harsh criticism. There’s always at least one rude comment that you will come across. Luckily, I haven’t experienced that yet. Not everyone will agree with what you have to say, and that’s ok! Your family may also not agree with you posting your laundry out to dry either. However, if this is what you choose to do, then you have to be prepared for everything. Otherwise, you may set yourself up for a big disappointment or a mental breakdown. Whichever comes first. I’m kind of kidding!

What You Should Consider Before Posting Your Life on Social Media

My best advice is to write down all of the pros and cons of putting your life out there on the web. Whether your small time or eventually a big time public figure. If the pros outweigh your cons then that’s definitely something to research further. Then possibly going after your passion. Just make sure this is the path that you want to take. Just remember the internet is permanent.

When I started out as a mom, I learned everything the hard way. Family was always offering me advice. However, I had to learn most parenting lessons on my own. I started this blog to help new mothers and offer advice if I had advice to share. I’m here to share my story and to help others. I’ve defiantly thought long and hard about the pros and cons of posting my life on the internet.

The biggest factor in our decision was social media. My family members always post pictures of our family on social media. As do I. Therefore, we are all on the internet already. I post regularly to social media and people are reading my life anyhow. Of course, there’s security features and your audience can be limited, somewhat. So, this was something that I had to take into big consideration. However, we live in the age of technology. So really, it’s not bazaar or out of the ordinary. People are posting their lives every day, and sometimes every second and every meal of the day.

With all that being said, I’m happy about the decision my husband and I made together. Which was, do it! I’ve met hundreds of amazing people that I share stories with. Working with amazing companies that I never would have outside the Internet. I’ve taken advice just as much as I’ve shared. Overall, it has been a joyful experience and I’ve obtained amazing followers!

So, if you blog or regularly post your life on social media than I want to hear from you. Please share with me, why did you choose to go public about your life?


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