10 Important Things that Adults Can Learn From Kids

Not only do we teach our children but everyday we can learn from them as well. Today’s guest blogger, Suzy Richards from rocketparents.com shares 10 important things that adults can learn from kids.

At our adult stage in life, we tend to focus so much on the things revolving around us. We forget about the easiest things life offers and we forget how to experience life to the fullest. We lose the easiness of letting ourselves go and living each moment happily. Our perspective about life is very serious with each activity aimed to yield an outcome. Whereas kids have a distinct perspective that allows them to live by the day, experiencing everything yet leaving us with questions as to why they are always so joyful.

 Be positive

For a kid, everything about life is always from a positive perspective. Regardless of the hard times or troubles these little angels have optimism beyond compare. Unlike us adults, we are so pessimistic about life to the point of choosing to accept that life isn’t fair as many adults say. It wouldn’t hurt to be positive about the times we have and the experiences we undergo. Kids are a clear lesson that no matter the circumstances we don’t need to stress. We just need an optimistic view about life.

Smile and laugh

Over time we tend to lose the joy and happiness within us. But for kids, they laugh and smile every chance they get. That humorous side kids have is neither paid for nor forced. Unlike for adults who have to pay for comedy shows in order to enjoy a very natural reflex that is just inborn.

Open yourself to experiences

It is amazing how for kids it’s just easy to reach out to the things that make them happy. They always follow their hearts despite of the discrimination or differentiation that it may come with. As far they are happy, they will do it. For grownups whether rolling in the mud or swinging makes us happy we will tend to hold ourselves from letting it go and just going for it. This limits us from experiencing the highest level of being happy. They teach us that it’s neither embarrassing nor shameful to pick out the things that make us happy and simply enjoying them.

Photo By: Brandon Morgan, Splasher

Be in touch with emotions

 When a kid is happy he or she will smile, when sad there’s a frown, when hurt there’s a cry. They are so in touch with their emotions that they feel and experience each one of them with depth and intensity. Selfishly as adults, we don’t have that magical touch of feeling each emotion and its wave of intensity. It’s beautiful to experience our feelings without restriction or thinking about what others think of it. For example, when a kid writes some birthday quotes for his or her mother he or she shares the deep love between both of them. Unlike most adults who barely can wish their moms a happy birthday let alone remember when her birthday is.

Be open-minded

As grownups, a tendency of closing up to what we really think of things becomes a part of us that is very selfish and inconsiderate. It’s a learning experience from kids that everyone’s opinion matters and is greatly significant to be heard instead of having a hypocritical side due to our competitive nature. A kid will be outright that she doesn’t like an outfit in case you ask. But if you ask somebody else they will rather lie to you instead of being open about it. Open-mindedness creates an open field for critique and honesty hence avoiding unnecessary conflicts and exaggeration of very small arguments erupting to very hurtful situations.

Photo By: Justin Young, Splasher

Appreciate the smallest gifts of life

 Kids cherish each and every thing that life offers regardless of how minuet it is. May it be an ant or the tiniest speck of dust? They possess a perspective of making it fun and making memories with it despite their so thought insignificance to the adult world. No matter how small any experience is to us as adults for them it means another wondrous happy experience that they deeply cherish without any judgment. It would be a happier world if we would at least try to appreciate the tiniest of things that life bestows in our lives.

Take everything life offers with ease

The seriousness of life comes with mainly a focus on the unfairness, inhuman, and a significant weight on how hard life is. With everyday activities, we tend to be stressed out and at times depressed with life. Yet for kids life for them is easy because they don’t place too much worth on the worldly issues. This helps them learn what life is about, but after all, they followed their hearts and lived the moment. Parents can learn to be easy with life in order to create an arena of experiencing life without strain or vulnerability to stress and depression.

Be healthy and hygienic

It may come as a surprise to many that kids are able to give their bodies what it needs without placing priorities to other things. When a kid wants to eat he or she will eat, if it’s time for bed they sleep and on time. They do not restrict themselves when it comes to basic care. We can learn from them instead of working ourselves to sleep or choosing to eat unbalanced diets. It’s an important learning platform to try and have enough sleep by preferably sleeping with your kid and enjoy the benefits of being well rested.

Photo By: Gabby Orcutt, Splasher

Have unlimited dreams

 There’s a distinction in the levels and the ideas each person has. Kids are big dreamers and they follow their dreams with passion and will. Whether it’s our imagination or a daydream it expounds and tests our limits. For kids whether it is achieved or not doesn’t matter as far they dream and imagine how much impact they would have made. If as adults we would try to dream despite the outcome we would have a very rich idealized world.

Take pride in your achievements

Despite life’s hardships, each one has something to take pride in. There is an achievement to every person’s name despite the lack of recognition from those around you. Personally, you know that you have actualized something very significant. Nevertheless, we tend to overlook our efforts and struggles for these works to come to achievement. Kids take pride in their smallest achievements regardless of whether personal or given a hand. Whether a kid graduated from kindergarten or carried plates to the dining table, they own up and pride themselves for that as an achievement. This motivates self-esteem and growth unlike for adults who barely take pride for their achievements.

Conclusively it’s very clear that as adults we can learn a lot from kids in the way we embrace life. Kids effortlessly live their lives to the fullest with ease, grace and are so much in tune with the world and what it offers. This is a life lesson that just needs observation and emulation.

10 Important Things that Adults Can Learn from KidsBio: Susy Richards is a lovely mother of 3 girls (3 years, 4 years and 5) and a simple woman who is ready to share her priceless experience with other mommies around the world. She is an Advanced Practice Provider who passed birth doula and postpartum doula courses at Childbirth International in 2013. Susy is passionate about providing holistic care and is involved in pregnancy research currently publishing her articles concerning pregnancy on site rocketparents.com.


8 thoughts on “10 Important Things that Adults Can Learn From Kids

  1. It is so hard to remember most of these things as an adult, especially the smaller things. I hope that as my son grows I can also practice these lessons with him. Such a good post Susy!


    1. Thanks Melody. It truly is hard sometimes and I have to remind myself everyday. My kids have taught me so much. Everyday they teach me to enjoy the little things in life. Suzy did an amazing job, I agree.


  2. I watched a Ted Talks the other day from a girl talking about things that adults can learn about kids, and it really was eye opening. It’s tough to remind yourself sometimes, but kids can offer so much insight about life itself that it’s a disservice to not listen to the things they have to say. Thanks for the reminder ❤


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