For the Parent Who Has Zero Time for Self-Care


Self-care seems to be a popular topic these days. That’s because people are realizing the importance of self-care. What about the parent who has absolutely zero time for self-care? Well that was me a month ago. I truly thought that I had zero time in my schedule for myself. With caring for my children, husband, household, and my business; I had no time to spare. 

That is until I started getting burnt out. I simply started losing joy for simple things in life. I started losing inspiration and motivation for my business. Which was out of the ordinary for me. This is when I came to realize that I needed to make a change. I absolutely love self-care with my family but everyone needs a little time alone.

If you consistently try so get everything accomplished in one day, then you will never have time for self-care. This is where prioritizing is important. I feel that my sanity is more important than a few dishes in the sink. I can put off a load of laundry because it’s not like that pile will ever decrease anyways. I have also faced reality and I know my house will never look perfect. I’m perfectly ok with that too! I know caring for myself is more important than a spotless house.

So now that I have a little time to spare I started tending to my rose bushes in my flower bed. It brings me great pleasure to grow roses. Then I will pick them throughout the summer for fresh bouquets to place around our home. I also started tanning because I’m pale as a ghost and I find tanning very relaxing. It’s 20 minutes that I can sneak off and take a nap, or just enjoy peace in quiet.

Photo Credit: Juja Han, Splasher

As a mother, I know when you do find the few moments to yourself that you don’t have time to do a whole lot. So, what can you do? Here’s a few suggestions on where you can start.

Read a short book or magazine. When you get a minute to yourself, most likely you want to rest. There’s nothing more comforting than sitting in the sun or lying in bed, relaxing to a good story. You can also read as your time allows, then return to the book when you have more free time.

Plant flowers around your home. Plants bring a calm and relaxing feeling. Plant seeds, care for them, and watch your beautiful flowers emerge. Then you can create fresh flower bouquets for your household. You will be getting fresh air and hopefully a little bit of sunshine.

Take a bubble bath. Nothing says relaxation than a tub of warm water and full of bubbles. Whether you get 5 minutes to relax in the tub or a half an hour, enjoy it. I usually take my phone along and listen to some classic rock while I relax in the tub.

Watch your favorite show. I never watch television because I hardly ever have time. Also, the television seems to always be on the cartoon channel. This past weekend I jumped in bed and went on a Netflix binge. It was a nice change to relax and be lazy for a bit. I’m thankful my husband gave me the time to do this.

Start a craft project. Crafting is my go to when I need to relax. When my oldest son was born, I embroidered him his own baby blanket. I’m now working on one for my youngest. It’s been a long work in progress because I don’t have the time that I once did. However, it’s so relaxing to sit down and do embroidery. Find a craft that fits you, this way you will enjoy.

There’s many thing that one can do to enjoy self-care. Whether you have ten minutes or an hour. Self-care is very important. Don’t wait until you get burnt out like I did. Start now even if it’s only a few moments a day. Your body, mind, and all those around you will appreciate it.


4 thoughts on “For the Parent Who Has Zero Time for Self-Care

  1. great share! i’m not a parent but a huge supporter of self-care. i also think it’s important for parents to model that for their kids so they grow up knowing how to self-care too.


  2. All great ideas! Self-care is so important but sometimes its very difficult with children. It’s a combination of not having “time” and putting your kids first. Thanks for the tips!


  3. Bubble baths are my FAVORITE way to just get a little me-time in! I usually will hop in after my son goes to bed, and it’s such a relaxing end to the day. Now that spring is here, I could definitely spruce up my home with some flowers!


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