Why I Chose a Cesarean Over Natural Birth

I want to start off by saying that every woman that goes through labor is a hero in my book. Labor is hard and painful. If you’ve giving birth then you already know this. I had natural labor with my first son. My water broke at 5:30 am. Within a couple hours the anesthesiologists came to give me an epidural. For some reason, I felt no relief at all. When I started pushing, I couldn’t stop. There were no breaks, this kid had to come out. I just kept pushing and pushing for a solid hour. My body would not let me stop.

Why I Chose a Cesarean Over Natural Birth

After this I don’t remember a whole lot because I felt like I was dying. I do remember repeatedly screaming, cut this kid out of me. My doctor finally said it was time to use the suction because this momma has had enough. My sons head was pushing on my pelvic bone and wasn’t coming out on his own. 

This was truly the most traumatic experience of my life! Labor is joyful for most but that was not my case. Of course, in the end when I held my beautiful baby boy, everything I had just experienced was worth it. I immediately forgot about all the pain. 

Why I Chose a Cesarean Over Natural Birth

6 short months later, I found out that I was pregnant again. With my first labor, still mildly fresh in my mind, I knew that I was not going through it again. At least I hoped not. I was hoping that the baby could be magically born with no labor at all. Back to reality, I feared labor my entire pregnancy. When it was time to talk about labor with my doctor, I immediately asked to have a cesarean delivery. He wanted me to listen to all the risks of the surgery and talk it over with my husband. My husband was very supportive and said the choice was up to me. Whatever I chose, he would support me 100%. The doctor said because my first child was suctioned, that I would be a candidate for a cesarean delivery.

April 5th at 5 am I went to the hospital to have my cesarean. The prep for surgery was pretty intense. While I was being hooked up to the machines, my husband starting getting sick just from watching. I knew he wouldn’t be able to make it through my surgery. He barely made it through my first labor without passing out. He has always had a pretty weak stomach. So, we called my mom to come and be with me. At 8:30 my son was brought into this world.
Why I Chose a Cesarean Over Natural Birth

To have the cesarean was the best choice I had ever made. I would pick a cesarean delivery over natural labor any day! Some would say it’s not natural, and I took the easy way out. However, I say that it was good for me and my baby. It was my choice and in my heart, I know that I still made the right choice. My husband and I don’t plan on having any more children so hopefully we won’t have to worry about future surgery with another child.

The recovery process for my cesarean was not incredibly bad. The first day was very rough, when I had to sit up in the hospital bed to get my baby out of his crib. Now that was pretty painful. After I was able to get up and move around the second day, all was well. I didn’t rest like I should have because I was running after my toddler and caring for my new baby. Thankfully I had no trouble and was able to heal nicely.

No matter what anyone says, the choice is yours if your given the option. Don’t let harsh words from others affect your decision. The baby will come into this world regardless, so make the decision that is best for you and your baby. I just know that I would pick a cesarean delivery over natural labor any day!



24 thoughts on “Why I Chose a Cesarean Over Natural Birth

  1. Hi, great post! I chose a cesarean as well and knew from the moment we started trying to get pregnant, that a csection was what I wanted. And I am SO happy I did. I don’t like chaos – labor and natural birth is cjaos for many – I only wanted that trained surgeon near me, in a controlled surgery on a planned day that i could prepare for. Yes the recovery after the surgery was painful and hard but it was worth it. 😁


  2. I had a very traumatic birth with my son also so I totally get natural labor not going as planned. C-sections are no less birth than natural births-thanks for being brave enough to share your opinion.


  3. I didn’t have a choice because my daughter was breech, but I’m so glad I had a scheduled c-section. I never even experienced a contraction. I had two BFFs that had babies within 16 weeks of me and they both had 23 hours of labor and ended up having emergency c-sections. So I’m glad I didn’t have to go through all of that just to have the same result.

    Plus I knew exactly when my baby was coming. That worked out well for our work schedules. We were both able to tell our bosses the exact time we needed off. lol


    1. Scheduled c-sections are great because it gives you time to mentally prepare. Knowing the exact time your babies coming and being able to schedule around it is a huge bonus as well!! Thanks for sharing Niki!

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  4. Thanks for sharing your story! Labor is different for everyone. I had all three vaginally without drugs, but the idea of getting stuck with the needle for some reason seemed worse than labor. I blame my mom for that! Six months is pretty soon to get pregnant again!


    1. Wow that’s awesome Susan! You are now my new hero lol. Yea it was pretty soon to get pregnant again. I don’t think my body was ready but it happened and we didn’t stop it. Glad all was well.


  5. You are so right mamma ! Every mother knows what is best for them and their baby ! It doesn’t matter how they come into this world as long as they are healthy!


  6. I love this! Thank you for such a real and open post. Being a mother is tough, labor is scary and so hard!


  7. I had a CS for my 3 kids so I can understand what you are talking about. my first baby ever was induced and I lost her after 8 hours of labor and finally emergency cs. since then I chose cs for my subsequent births. I do not regret it.


  8. I love your story, maybe because it is almost the exact opposite of mine. I had a C-section with my first due to her being breech and it was not a wonderful experience. With my second I was determined to do it vaginally, and I did but oh boy did I take that epidural lol. I made it about half way with no meds but by 5 CM in back labor I wanted the drugs


      1. I really wanted to do,it all natural…but I had terrible back,labor and at one point I just looked at the nurse,and,said to,give me the drugs. Lol


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