6 Awesome Movies to Watch with your Mother on Mother’s Day 

My mother is my best friend. So, I try to celebrate Mother’s Day all year long. At least letting her know that I appreciate her but daily phone calls and saying “I Love You” whenever I talk to her. Now raising a family of my own, sometimes it’s hard to make the quality time she deserves. Now that we’re both getting older, I’ve come to realize that quality time is more important than buying a Mother’s Day gift.  

Of course, we all love gifts and especially on Mother’s Day. Now that I’m a mother of two young boys I think Homemade gifts and time well spent are the best gifts a mother can receive. It makes me feel absolutely horrible for the times I dropped off flowers to my mom on Mother’s Day and then left. She deserves my time as I hope my boys will feel this way as they grow older. With two little boys and trying to maintain my home life, my mother works full time as well. Therefore, we are just exhausted. One our free time we both love to sleep. So, trying to think of the best gift that I could give my mother, without both us of taking a nap. I’m pretty sure that I’ve came up with a great idea. 

So, this year I’ve decided to come up with the best movies to watch, with your mother on Mother’s Day. I know my mother will just enjoy being up to relax with her daughter. Hopefully yours will too!! So, grab the popcorn, kick up your feet, and spend the quality time with our mother watching these 7 awesome picks.

Mother’s Day– 2016 Drama film/ Romance

Stepmom 1998 Drama film/ Comedy

Freaky Friday- 2003 Fantasy/ Teen Film

Blindside– 2009 Sport/Drama

Brave– 2012 Fantasy/ Adventure

Troop Beverly Hills- 1989 Adventure/ Comedy of Manners

The list was based upon the strong mom roles each of these women displayed. The importance of their children really shined through in each movie. Exactly the reason that these 6 movies are perfect to watch with the loved woman in your life. Now we want to hear what your favorite movie to watch with your mother is?


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